Writer, editor, wine enthusiast, shoe fanatic, pit bull mom, vegetarian, Jewtheran, fantasy football champ

I'm a 20-something writer who was born in Texas, raised in Connecticut by New York parents, spent my awkward years living in Tennessee, went to college in St. Louis and now lives happily in Chicago.

I enjoy wine, dogs, Zappos, home decor, shopping, trivia nights, facials, Obama, eye rolling, Call of Duty, artichokes, Australia, pretty tattoos, sleeping babies, Christmas, Butter London nail polish, gymnastics, apartment hunting, Jon Stewart and sarcasm.

I do not enjoy red meat, popped collars, religion, yoga, poor grammar, indecision, tourists, hot weather, bid-for-work freelance sites, Kiera Knightly, strollers on the bus, bananas, Oopma Loompas, gin, hipsters, lip injections or Groupon's writing "style."

Personal Life

I'm married to a chemist-turned-consultant from Cleveland. We have no kids and one pit bull. Life is good.

Professional Life

I used to work for this lady and it was fab.

Now I'm "retired" and currently enjoying my summer of freedom...

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