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A few of my favorites...


Angilio 2.0: "the second version of my little corner of the universe. 2.0 is all about change. it was time for a clean slate. hold on for new adventures, new recipes, new stories, a new photo project and lots of familiar rambling."

Apathetic Fish: "A displaced Southerner in her quest for mediocrity."

Barefoot Foodie: "I'm a wife, a mother a few times over, a writer, a blurter, an eater, a petter of strange dogs on the street, a drinker, an over-reactor, a music lover, an over-sharer, and a spiller of food down the front of my shirt."

Cleveland's a Plum: "New York may be the Big Apple, but Cleveland's a plum."

Everyday Adventures: "A 30-something blogger/young professional in Chicago. I love shopping, movies, pop culture and purses. I do love purses. This blog is a random sampling of my life in the city so hold on tight and enjoy the adventure."

Homemaker's Habitat: "As an expectant mom, culinary school graduate and food PR freelancer, home is where my heart is. I hope you'll join me on my journey as a displaced Midwesterner, new Miami resident, wife, mom-to-be and French bulldog owner."

Mom in Real Life: "Disappointing MILF searchers since 2007."

Lovesfool: "A windy city blogger tumbling my way through life and writing about beautiful tidbits."

The New Black: "I have to work, I choose to go to school, I like to shop, I love my boyfriend and my pup is the cutest on the block. Life is good!"

SoMi Speaks: "The dog days of happily ever after."

The State that I am In: "Wife, teacher, blogger, and new twin mama."

To Kiss the Cook: "Kissing, Cooking and Making Mischief."

Whiskey Marie: "Stunningly socially awkward. Hates socks. Good cook. Snappy dresser. Terrible at punctuation. Has man hands. Loves monkeys."


Don't Panic: "I like a lot of things on the Internet. I hate a lot of things on the Internet. I hope you see more of the former here."

eject: "1977. blogging since 1997. more likely to be wearing animals than protecting them. Previously described as: your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Currently described as: your mom. If I was a mood board you would see: gold, ativan and a photo of David Sedaris drinking my breast milk."

For My Entertainment: "My name is Jen. Mid 20's. Canadian/American. I love Andy Bernard and Jonah Takalua. Iowa grad. Obsessed with Thailand. Live in Chicago with a dashing little Yorkie. Celebrity gossip = life."

Let it Percolate

TKTC: "The crumbs version of what's been happening as a main dish on Blogger. Kissing, Cooking and Adventuring to the dark corners of restaurants and bright spots the world over."

STFU, Conservatives: "Hey, Facebook acquaintance. How are you? How's your Farmville? Post any new photos lately? Oh... no. Just political rantings. Because Facebook is the best place for that sort of thing."

STFU, Couples: "Dying alone: looking better each day."

STFU, Parents: "The site serves as a guide for parents on what NOT to post about their kids as well as a forum for non-parents to vent about their TMI-related frustrations."


In Good Taste: "A resource for twenty-somethings, like me, who want to cook healthy meals with some indulgences. Whether you're starting your first post-college job, newly married, or looking for great worknight or date-night recipes, you'll see that anyone can cook!"

Freshome: "An online magazine for home & design enthusiasts where we present a mixture of carefully edited selection of the best home furnishings, interior designs, architecture and all kind of news from the design world."

MWF Seeking BFF: "I am a married white female searching for a best friend forever. I'm on the hunt for Miss Right. A person who can fill the one void in the otherwise great life I've set up in the Windy City."

TYWKIWDBI: "'Tai-wiki-widbee' is an eclectic mix of trivialities, ephemera, curiosities, and exotica with a smattering of current events, social commentary, science, history, English language and literature, videos, and humor. We try to be the cyberequivalent of a Victorian cabinet of curiosities."

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