Monday, June 8, 2009

My morning ambition

I did pilates this weekend. Twice.

You can pick your jaw back up off the floor now.

(I use a laughable DVD from 1999, but that shit gave me a rocking stomach back in college, so I'm not gonna knock it too much.)

Anyway, now that I have done pilates two days in a row, my ambition was soaring last night. Like, ridiculously inflated.

So, my Monday morning plan -- as of 10pm last night -- was to wake up at 6:15am to do 45 min of pilates before showering and getting into work by 9am. I have NEVER worked out in the morning before, but I was feeling quite unstoppable after such an active weekend.

Aaaand then reality set in. This is how my morning really went:

5:15am: Dave's alarm goes off. I immediately switch my 6:15 alarm to 7:15. Fuck pilates.
7:15am: My alarm goes off. I change it again to 7:50. Fuck showering.
7:50am: My alarm goes off. I change it to 8:00. Fuck doing my hair; just put it in a ponytail.
8:00am: I drag my lazy self out of bed and get ready for work.
8:45am: I remember I need to sew a button back on my jacket and start doing so NOW.
9:10am: Tired of fighting with the infuriating button, I finish the half-assed job and leave.
9:30am: I make it into work after a power-walk through River North.

Ambition, FTW.


TKTC said...

Friends Forever.

Oh, Hello... said...

trust me, working out after work is much easier. If you do it, I will!

chevelin said...

Ha ha. Awesome. I've learned a trick, though it's prob not applicable to in-home Pilates: I wake up at 6am to my alarm and practically SPRINT out of the house. I've found that the longer I linger, the more chance I'll crawl back into bed. Once I'm outside, there's no going back. And two mornings at the uncrowded gym and I was hooked.

jalant said...

move your alarm across the room so you have to literally get up to turn it off! or go to bed at like 6:30pm like i do! :)

Marie said...

That pretty much sums up most of my mornings.

Anonymous said...

This is my life, but I get up at 5-5:20ish just so I can get ready and out the door by 6:30ish to drive an hour to arrive at work. It. Blows.

shoe blogger said...


Audrey said...

Working out before 7am should be considered a crime, and those that participate should be arrested and locked up for making the rest of us feel like shit about ourselves. You can always tell them because they are chipper at 8am.

I prefer to start my morning with caffeine sans sweat.

Sleep in Elle. Get physical at night, screw (pun intended) the pilates and have tons of sex. No better workout for your abs!!

Bayjb said...

Yeah I can't work out in the mornings. I've tried and failed multiple times. I just own it now.

The Constant Complainer said...

Audrey is right about abs due to s*x. Why do you think most newleyweds are so skinny...

I have to work out late at night. I run around 11 p.m. Our neighborhood is safe and I'm too darn lazy to get up early.

I'm impressed with your pilates schedule!

Anonymous said...

HAH! Beautiful. And yes, that schedule sounds about right.

A Super Girl said...

There are people who can work out in the morning and people who can't. Some say it's a nurture thing...I think it's a nature thing.

Though it does sound lovely and productive, doesn't it?

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