Monday, April 13, 2009

How Jesus effed with my birth control

It was bound to happen.

I'm pretty good about taking my birth control, but I'm even better about ordering those refills. (I know, bad priorities.) Each month, I'd log on to Walgreens, click a few things and be done with it. This month, not so much.

You see, I've got a new doctor. Because she's awesome, she bundles my prescription into a three-month supply, making it much cheaper than getting one each month. Because she's a little less awesome, the pharmacy has to contact her for every three-month refill to confirm it. (Um, it's birth control, not Vicodin.)

Anyway, I've always been used to Walgreens being SUPER fast with filling my prescriptions. They always refilled before I needed it. Freakishly fast. So when I finished my last pill pack last week, I figured I could wait a few days before I needed to start clicking around the web site.

This was not smart.

I didn't remember to re-order my pills until Friday morning, at which point I got the "GIVE US EXTRA TIME TO CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR" alert. Yeah, fine, I've gotten that before and yet the prescription is still magically filled by the end of the day.

But Friday wasn't just any Friday. It was Good Friday. Dammit, Jesus!

So there I was on Easter Sunday, supposed to start my new pill pack but without any pills. I figured the Make-Me-Full-of-Rage Trinessa was always an option, and could it really be that bad for one month?

Apparently, yes -- to Dave. A while back, he had taken all of my reserve Trinessa packs and thrown them away in a panic. That little shit.

Now I'M the one left in a panic. I stopped by Walgreens this morning to see what was going on and the pharmacist told me that they'd already put in another call to my doctor just before I came in. I have spent most of my day like this:

  • Write two sentences of an article.
  • Check email for confirmation from Walgreens.
  • Write three sentences of an article.
  • Check email for confirmation from Walgreens.
  • Write two words in an article.
  • Check email for confirmation from Walgreens.
  • Stare at email in vain hopes that it will magically appear.
  • Repeat.

Shockingly, this routine of mine has not be able to will the prescription into my inbox.

At this point, doc has less than four hours to call back and confirm the prescription. If she doesn't, I'm effed. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. God knows I am.


Shellbell said...

YAY!! you're gonna be a momma

elle michelle said...

Shellbell: Hate.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Fingers crossed for you!!!

Aunt Becky said...

I've so been there. And I've then been a momma :)

Shellbell said...

what evs you love me.

Brick Cedar said...


Marie said...

Lots of fingers and toes crossed! I hope you get the BC ASAP.

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