Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GPOYW: Haircuts-Are-Expensive Edition

Remember when my hair looked like this?

I need a cut, badly.


Rebekah J said...

I've scheduled a massage, a facial and a loooong-overdue haircut for the afternoon after I close on my house sale. I haven't had a haircut since July :o(

Melissa said...

Ugh I need a haircut & color terribly. My hair fades so fast it's like I need another appointment immediately. I wish it was cheaper!

RebeccaC said...

I got my haircut a few weeks ago after....oh about a 6 month break. I'm always a little shocked when my stylist fans out my hair from where I keep it tucked behind my ears so we can assess the true disaster its become. Horrifying.

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