Monday, September 21, 2009

When SWAT teams invade the suburbs

When you think of a SWAT team busting into a residential neighborhood, you probably think that the reason must involve intense weaponry, armed criminals, murderous escapees or some other equally dangerous plight.

In Germantown, TN (where my parents live), the reason was Coach purses.

From the local paper:

The Poplar Estates neighborhood in Germantown was enjoying a typically peaceful Saturday morning -- until rifle-toting SWAT team members started going door-to-door.

Carrying M-16 rifles, the Germantown SWAT team and other law enforcement officers scoured the neighborhood for about four hours Saturday, hunting for three Memphis men accused of robbing the Coach store in the Saddle Creek shopping center.

Police said Jonathan Allen Redd, 20, and Alonzo Jones Jr., 37, ran into the store shortly before 10 a.m., grabbed five purses worth $1,900 from a display case and ran out.

Yep. Coach purses caused the Germantown SWAT team to descend on one of the quiet neighborhoods with their rifles, uniforms and designer-purse-retrieving mission.

Do not fuck with the suburbs, ya'll.


TKTC said...

Dear God. That same Coach store has been robbed 4 separate times that I can even remember. Up your security sweethearts. OR since they are mostly Ole Miss students with daddies on the NRA board, just start packing some heat. Points for a Coach holster and sorority letters engraved on the pistol.

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