Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's coming together

I want my apartment to look like an Ikea catalog rather than a sterile hospital room. I am determined to make this happen this year, and so far, it's not sucking.

Project 1: Sew my own Roman shades.

Success! Who would have thought that the first time I ever touched a sewing machine, this magic came out?

Project 2: Get a dining room so we can stop eating on the couch.

Another success! And this one didn't even require me to sew anything... yet.

Project 3 is going to be to sew sage-green Roman shades over the dining room's god-awful mini blinds. I'm not gonna lie, I already attempted this once. But after nearly sewing my finger to a drape and sewing more haphazardly than a blind drunk guy, I gave up.

Not quite sure when I'll work up the courage to try this again, but I think I need a few lessons from Suz first. Apparently, my first sewing attempt was just beginner's luck.

Any bets on the over-under for when I cave and just buy some ready-made drapes?


lovesfool said...

I love the new table!

Rebekah J said...

Ooh, looks good! I love the fabric you chose.

Brick Cedar said...


And the table made me hard.

Bayjb said...

Wow everything looks great! I love your dining room set, where did you get it?

The Constant Complainer said...

Seriously, IKEA is awesome. We have to drive two hours to one, but it is well worth it. I like the table too.

stealthnerd said...

We have the same table/chairs set and we LOVE them! Plus, how comfy are those chairs?!

Leah said...

One of my goals is to make my bedroom look like it's out of an ikea catalog too, although it's not going as well as yours is.

Kyla Roma said...

Oh the results are so beautiful!

Where's the pattern, where's the pattern? *tugs on your sleeve*


Aunt Becky said...

Okay, please come decorate my house. I'll give you money.

elle michelle said...

Lovesfool: Thanks, lady. :-)

Rebekah J: Thanks! I wasn't sure how it would look in such a big panel, but it is surprisingly nice.

Brick Cedar: I heart you.

Bayjb: Thanks! Ikea -- everything was on different floors because that place is a beast, but it's worth it.

Complainer: Our drive isn't as bad as yours, but that doesn't stop me from bitching about how far it is. ;-)

Stealthnerd: SO comfy. One of my drunk friends wanted to go to sleep in it the other night.

Leah: Patience, that's what you and I must remember. Don't look at the rest of my place, though, because everything else looks like a cluttered dorm.

Kyla Roma:! They ship so fast and I really like them. Cute, affordable stuff.

Aunt Becky: Done. I hope you like "dorm room eclectic."

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