Monday, August 16, 2010

Life Lessons 2


  • If you for some reason find yourself with pregnancy tests on your hands, do NOT throw away the box that explains the results. Otherwise, a search of the web will have you convinced it's negative... no, wait... positive... no... negative? WTF SOMEONE TELL ME IF I'M KNOCKED UP OR NOT.

  • If you're gonna buy an exercise bike, get a recumbent one. It's easier on your back and, besides, who doesn't like lounging while burning fat?

  • If you live in West Town, as I do, teach yourself the difference between fireworks, cars backfiring and gunshots.

  • When you rent a car for a long drive, make sure it has cruise control on it before you take it off the lot. Fun fact: my rented 2009 Toyota Corolla did not.
  • When driving with your dog in the car, remove ALL items he can eat before pulling out of the driveway. Otherwise, you'll spend the better part of your trip clapping, shouting and making awkward, loud noises to get him to stop chewing said things.

  • If your mom is on Twitter, teach her that some companies try to solve your problems in 140 characters. Otherwise, she may or may not accuse a customer service rep of trying to scam her.

  • Get a Costco membership. The liquor prices alone are worth it.
  • When you order something from an online vendor, go through their feedback and see how they respond to unhappy customers. If they say things like "YOU'RE LYING," and "You're just plain impossible!" and have curt, defensive responses with lots of !!!, then you know their customer service is shit. Avoid.

  • When you book a flight the first time after you get a dog, make sure the times coordinate well with the boarding facility's pick-up and drop-off times.


Maris said...

Pregnancy test? Excuse me?!

RebeccaC said...

I think we're leading the same life. While I haven't yet needed the preg tests, might in the next 6 months. West Town - check. New dog - check. Mom on Twitter - check (strangely).

Btw, I thought I saw you guys at Starbucks a couple of weekends ago but I couldn't quite decide or not until Jessi confirmed it was. Next time I'll start waving like a madwoman.

Shellbell said...


elle michelle said...

Nooooo babies. Had a brief moment of WHERE IS MY PERIOD, but it just felt like being late.

And Rebecca, we need a puppy play date at Jessi's. Rocco loves to play with puppies, so if Zoey will tolerate him for an hour, let's set it up. ;-)

Whiskeymarie said...

Funny- I had a "holy crap, am I pregnant???" moment recently. I think the whole world sighed a collective sigh of relief when it turned out to be a false alarm.

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