Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So this happened

My grandma is quite the character.

She's an 80-year-old Long Island Jew with a penchant for Crown Royal and a love of art. She says words like "exquisite" on a regular basis and calls everyone "darling," though it sounds more like "daw-ling" with her thick New York accent. She has a boyfriend who lives in California, recently went white-water rafting, adores traveling around the world and doesn't go a day without wearing mascara. Oh, and she looks like she's 65.

Yep, that's my grandma.

Just yesterday, she was returning to her home in Memphis from a visit to her bf in California. In keeping with her unique personality, Grandma also like to chat with anyone and everyone. And I guess this includes heavy metal icons from the 80s, as evidenced by my mom's tweets...

Wait, what?

Grandma just made friends with a guy from Whitesnake?

Of course she did. Because it's Grandma.

Her life never ceases to amaze me.


Hannah @ The New Black said...

Ha! Your Nana sounds awesome!!

Leah said...

Hilarious! Hope I'm as cool as your grandma when I hit the ripe old age of looking 65.

Seth Clementi said...

=D I can't help but adore your granny's personality! She's such a cool person! And yep, she doesn't look like 80, either. So awesome!!

Whiskeymarie said...

I totally own a Whitesnake t-shirt, so I am so very, very jealous of Grandma!

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