Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Senior Bachelorette: Drunk Grandma Edition

On Monday, we watched a bit of The Bachelorette. It inspired us to pimp out my grandma for a Senior Edition of the show... So, we pumped her full of wine and asked her a bunch of questions.

This is totally unedited (and thus awkward), but it's just one of our family vacation amusements.



Senior Bachelorette: Grandma Roz Edition from David on Vimeo.


Senior Bachelorette: Grandma Roz Pt 2 from David on Vimeo.

Also... we have another video full of Grandma's life lessons. Consider this fair warning.


Molly McGuffin said...

AMAZING. those 3 minutes had more insight than 5 seasons of the bachelorette! well done, roz! and jaime was here next to me listening - he thinks she has a movie-star voice. i think those two should grab a beer together sometime soon :)
and preach on sister, sometimes you DO JUST WANT THE DAMN DOOR OPENED FOR YOU! i heart roz.

TKTC said...

I agree- she totally has a movie star voice. But the best part is the looks. Flipping Lauren Bacall over there. Fingers crossed that there's a dashing retired doctor to sweep her off her feet!!

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