Thursday, May 29, 2008

In no way will you regret this

Punk Rock Mom: Honey, put down the hair spray. I think we should totally take the kids to Kidapalooza this year.
Emo Dad: Let me just finish this. I've *almost* got it the way I want it.

Punk Rock Mom: I'm serious. This thing looks so bad-ass! The kids can get tattoos, learn breakdancing, take guitar lessons, get mohawks. They'll look like they're from Wicker Park, it'll be awesome.

Emo Dad: What about the noise level? Will this thing be loud enough to hear through my helmet-hair, black hoodie and pained thoughts?

Punk Rock Mom: Bet yer ass it will be. There's gonna be a jam tent with a full rock band setup where they let all the kids the scream into mics and play all the instruments frantically and randomly until our ears bleed. Not to mention the separate drum area, the hip-hop workshop with mad beatz and real guitars! LOUD NOISES.

Emo Dad: Sweet. But will they get hair-dos like mine?

Punk Rock Mom: Green mohawks, mostly. But since there WILL be a salon tent, I'm sure the kids could request the classic "so-black-it's-blue, side-swept helmet 'do." Omg, that's totally my next song lyric.

Emo Dad: This sounds so scene.

Punk Rock Mom: No doubt. And just in case this doesn't come back to haunt us later in life, there's also a photo shoot area so we can keep these precious memories forever.

Emo Dad: Nice, I'm really buying to this.

Punk Rock Mom: You always do, sweetheart. You always do.


ToKissTheCook said...

Ummm one of my babysitting clients is definitely going t othis.

Too bad you and Epi Chem are a little wary of the procreations.

l.michelle said...

Your clients must be hardcore. ;-) And I totally thought of Dave when I read about this thing. I think he'd have kids FOR this.

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