Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank you for not overcharging me!

With all this wedding stuff we've been dealing with lately (what's wrong with me? I make it sound like it's a terminal illness or something), I just wanted to share a bright spot in the matrimonial planning.

I found a talented, wonderful hair stylist who is NOT going to charge ridiculous amounts of money!

Okay, so technically, I did not find him. J did. Half of this wedding stuff -- the dress color, the makeup artist and now the hair guy -- would never have come together had it not been for her. If you're engaged, go make friends with someone who works in beauty PR. Now.

Anyway, the first stylist I called charged this:

  • Updos: $220 (this includes putting a clip in the hair to pull hair back. "Up" means UP)
  • Bride's trial run(s): $50 each
  • Blow dry: $160
  • Straightening: additional $15
What. The. Shit.

This other stylist and I actually had a conversation about how out of control some prices are when it comes to weddings. Forget that! I'm calling him back tonight to book him after I clear all this with the mama.


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