Thursday, February 26, 2009

Math I actually LIKE

I've been into sharing pretty pictures lately, so, even though this may be a departure from the pretty, it's still fun to look at.

Yes, it's true -- math CAN be fun.

+ Mimosa(3)

Maybe next time.

Bastard kids taking all the good candy.

SOOO glad it's not me.

See? My going to bed at 10pm is a sign of maturity. Not utter sadness.

Uh oh. Better call Maury.

You're all insane.


Oh, Hello... said...

i don't know what your deal is, but I always like math. or maths.

Brick Cedar said...

It's mathz, and I like them too now.

Deutlich said...

now that is just absolutely fabulous.

Young Frank said...

you might like this then:

elle michelle said...

Oh, Hello: Holy shit, Dave! There you are! And yes, I like "the maths" too.

Brick Cedar: Come visit.

Deutlich: Yeah, if they taught this in school, I might have paid a little more attention.

Young Frank: I loved Indexed!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

hahaha. now this is great.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

Omg I love these in a big gross way.

insomniaclolita said...

LMAO I love them maths :D

elle michelle said...

Alexa: Who would have thought we'd all be so tickled by math?

Joy: I love that description in a big gross way.

Insomniaclolita: Gotta love them maths.

golublog said...

The last one is so me. Math that actually makes sense what a thought.

bodelou said...

these are funny, and brightened up my day a smidge.

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