Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring coats

Why do I torture myself?

Oh, eff it. I'm buying a couple of these. God, I love spring shopping.


Anonymous said...

So adorable. Now if only Spring would GET HERE. My CA acclimated ass is dying over here. Meh.

Kaci said...

Ummm that tan/khaki one is to die for. Please tell me you bought that one! And the blue one... and the red one... oh, eff it.

Jenn said...

I love all four of them!

surviving myself said...

Get the gray one. Do it.

Brick Cedar said...

tan/khaki so versatile and so elle

RebeccaC said...

Oh good lord these are adorable. As if I needed to add one more thing to the "Well, during the week of the wedding I SHOULD look cute so I'll just buy this one last shirt/skirt/shoes/necklace/COAT).

Buy them all.

Audrey said...

Eenie meenie minie mo
catch a trend coat by its toe
if it hollers, dont let it go

eenie meenie minie mo
my mother told me to pick the best one yet...and it is...RED!

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

That blue one is effing ADORABLE.

Deutlich said...

I LOVE that red one.

elle michelle said...

HP: I know it. I've never even lived in CA, but I'm still like, "Dammit, why can't Chicago be more like that?"

Kaci: I loooove the tan one. It only comes in a large, which won't work. But that's totally typical because it was my favorite.

Jenn: Me too!!

Surviving Myself: Okay, fine. But only because you told me to.

Brick Cedar: I was waiting for you to comment before I bought one. Figures you'd like the same one I do. ;-)

RebeccaC: Wedding week is very important, so I fully support any out-of-control shopping you end up doing.

Audrey: I DO love red...

Joy: Such a great spring color, right? And I don't have any blue coats yet!

Deutlich: It's a Soia & Kyo coat, and today is FREE SHIPPING. Kinda meant to be, don't you think?

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