Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Domestic crossroads

My brother is moving to Chicago in 2 days. 2 days!

You know what this means?

I am finally getting rid of the shitty futon that's been offending my living room.

This ugly thing has been such an eyesore and I've complained about it endlessly. It doesn't match anything, it's old and faded, it takes up too much room in my tiny living space and it's too low to the ground to really be comfortable. Better for my brother to have it, I say.

But for all this bitching, I'm actually a little sad to lose the extra seating -- as old, gross and cumbersome as it may be.

My apartment isn't really big enough for social events or dinner parties (um, plus I don't have a dining room or even a kitchen table to eat on), so it's not like I holding any substantial gatherings over here. But all I have besides the futon is a couch and chair. That sits, what, 4 people, max?

So, with my brother's arrival and the futon's departure, I'm at a crossroads. I'd like to buy some storage ottomans to compensate for the lack of seating, but my inner indulgence is pushing me to just buy a whole other couch once we move to a bigger place in November.

Not sure what I'll do, so in the meantime, I'll just come over to YOUR house.

(J, I'm looking at you.)


lovesfool said...

You should buy your old couch back. :)

TKTC said...

You're on. And don't even think about new furniture till we've found you a fabulous new place in the neighborhood :)

miss. chief said...


The Constant Complainer said...

I want to see a picture of the futon! They always look so lovely sitting in the living room!

RebeccaC said...

We do all LOVE going to "J"s house. But I would also recommend a few storage ottomans. They are fabo.

Andy said...

Capricorn and I have been wanting to buy storage ottomans for months, but keep balking at the price for what is essentially a fancy foot stool.

We're cheap.

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