Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grandma and her "special friend"


In honor of Drunky McDrunkerson turning 1,000, I'm posting a fun little story about her and her "special friend."

I say "special friend" because I don't know if they use the terms "boyfriend/girlfriend," or even if ANYONE in their late 70s calls themselves that in the first place.

Either way, it's uncharted territory for all of us.

For my grandma, it means she has to grapple with the complicated mix of giddiness and guilt, having spent 56 years married to my grandpa before he passed several years ago.

For my mom, it means having to talk about condoms with her own mother.

For me, it means listening to my mom retell about how she had a condom talk with Drunky. Gew.

You see, Grandma's "special friend" is someone she's known for decades, someone who lives halfway across the country. Not too long ago, she made a trip out there to see both my uncle and her "special friend." That's when my mom gave me a call.

Me: Hi, Ma.

Mom: Hi, hon. How's it going?

Me: Fine, just applying to jobs and doing some freelance. What's going on over there?

Mom: Oh, noooothing. Besides having to talk with your grandmother about condoms.

Me: Okay, we're done here.

Anyway, the big, anticipated meet-up with the "special friend" ran into some snags and had to be postponed. He was supposed to fly into Memphis to see her for her birthday, but that got postponed too, for medical reasons. (That's two strikes, in my book.)

But who am I to judge? Drunky has a man-friend and it makes her happy, so it makes me happy.

Know what else makes me happy?

Posting fun pictures of her.

Happy birthday, you crazy old woman! Wish I were home to celebrate with you. I love you!!


Brick Cedar said...


Brick Cedar said...

I hope the man-friend comes to Passover. I might overload

Allison M. said...

she rocks.

my grandpa calls his women "lady friends" and I asked if that meant girlfriend, a girl he was dating, and he just kind of laughed at me.

Shellbell said...

well, happy birthday!
my grandma's bday is in two days (only, she's turning 90).
Good luck with the special friend. My grandpa lives with his...

elle michelle said...

Brick: I haven't met him yet so that would be sweet!

Allison: I think that's exactly the type of response I would get too.

Shellbell:Old people are funny.

Mel said...

Not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I like it! You're funny.

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