Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here's what you've missed... (and by that, I mean what I haven't told you because I suck at blogging.)

Birthday fun.
Dave organized a big birthday bash for me, filled with great friends, wine, Italian food, Sambuca and a creepy Santa. A group of 15 of us ate and drank a LOT, and even convinced a bartender to play one of my playlists at the bar. Then, the whole bar sang "Happy Birthday" to me sometime after midnight. Pretty sure I was lifted in the air at some point.


Treatment for sis.
My sister entered a facility for about a week to go through some intensive therapy with other addicts. She got out right before Christmas and is now doing intensive outpatient treatment for a bit. She's also attending NA meetings again, getting her resume together (with my help) and getting her shit together. Again. Fingers crossed.

Home for the holidays.
Two families means two Christmases. First stop was Cleveland where we met my SIL's adorable, SUPER sweet new pup, bonded with the niece and nephew, and found ourselves smack dab in the middle of some good ol' fashioned family drama. Next up, Memphis -- land of pit bull cuddles, deep-fried turkey, too much drinking and family time.

My Drunk Grandma has a fur coat that makes her look like a rapper from the '90s and she wears it in public every chance she gets. Going to the theater? Mink. Movies? Mink. Grocery store? Mink. It's wide and gaudy; completely ridiculous. I call it a mink coat, but I've been corrected that it's actually fox fur. (Her mink is full-length; the one she wore during Christmas was shorter and that one's the fox.) Oh yeah. There are two.

20sb nominee.
Dave got nominated for best tumblog! A few of us definitely threw his name in the ring without him knowing, so I think it was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, if you like his shit, you can vote for him here (along with your other favorite kiddos, of course).

Fantasy football domination.
I'm currently in the playoffs, leading my whole league in pure awesomeness. I might even win this whole thing. Whodathunkit?

NYE plans.
This year, we're not going out, getting dolled up or spending too much money. We've done all that before and while it can be fun, it can also be a pain in the ass. So we're going much more low-key to ring in 2010. We're having some fabulous people over, we'll have some delicious appetizers and we'll drink ourselves silly right here in my apartment.

The new baby!
And here's the big announcement I've been dying to reveal: Dave and I adopted a pup on Monday!! We're now the proud parents of a 10-month old pit that we named Rocco.

He's amazing. He's already housebroken and crate-trained, so the only thing I really have to work on with him is "drop it." At his foster mom's, he slept in her bed, but we put him in his crate last night and didn't hear a peep. He cuddles like CRAZY, entertains himself with toys and doesn't bark. He absolutely adores people and he seems to like other dogs too, which is good because there will be both at the NYE party. I'll say it: I am in love.


Maris said...

Oh yeah. You were lifted in the air. Please check your email for photographic proof.

Shellbell said...

PUPPY!!!!!!!!!! so so so so sooooo jealous!

TKTC said...

I am so so so excited to meet Rocco. A pupper! In OUR neighborhood!! Woo Hoo!!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Cute new pup! I love how pit's faces look- so expressive it's kind of spooky sometimes.

The Mr. and I kind of gave up on New Year's a while ago. We make fondue, drink bubbly (prosecco this year) and just do whatever. We invite people over and sometimes they come, but we're totally fine if it's just us two. At least then we can stay in our jammies.

Erin said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new pup! :)

Anonymous said...

new puppies are the best! congrats and behold the fun that will be "parenthood"

Marie said...

Happy belated birthday!

Congrats on the new pup! ADORABLE.

And really crossing fingers for your sister. Hope it goes well this time around.

elle michelle said...

Maris: Ah hahahaha. Email checked, shame set in.

Shellbell: Come visit us!

TKTC: I am so excited for him to meet you!

WhiskeyMarie: Drunk in the jammies -- love.

Erin: Thanks, lady. :-)

bodelou: Yes, and I'm completely thrilled that he won't shit on my floor like a "real" puppy.

Marie: Thanks! I'll keep ya posted on the sis thing. Better cross your toes too.

Rebekah J said...

What a cute pupper! Congrats to the new parents!

RebeccaC said...

Well my goodness! You have been busy. Congrats on the pupster....what a cutie! And congrats to Dave on the blog fabulousness. Happy New Year to you both.

Shellbell said...

haha. you could actually get your wish... I'm unemployed in a week!
Been planning some road trips... maybe i'll add a chicago one!!!

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