Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend with Baby Lu

Hiya kids.

So, when I last left off, I had Baby Lu with me for a few days. It was quite interesting.

Mommy Ang jokes that Lu is "the prettiest, not the smartest," but we know that she IS quite smart. And stubborn. This is what I imagine goes through her brain: PLAYTIME, must piss on Aunt Lisa's floor, I'm hungry, time to piss on Lisa's floor again, hey now I'll shit on the floor, PLAY WITH ME, PLAY WITH ME, PLAY WITH ME, I'm sleepy, just kidding - I have to pee on your floor again, nap time, PLAY WITH ME, watch me piss on your floor.

In case you're wondering, the princess turned my apartment into her own personal toilet, starting with my down comforter on Night One. Even though I took her outside a bunch, she just didn't seem to care for 40-degree weather, strange noises and the sweater I made her wear to help combat the cold. After a battle of wills, I gave up and just let her go in the apartment. You win, Lu!

During the day, I used whatever I could find to block Lu off in the living room, where I work. Since my apartment is a long, open space, this was a creative challenge. I ended up going with a patio table, a trash can, a recycling can and a little suitcase. NOW I WIN, LULU.

Yeah, she hated that.

Anyway, Lu and I were alone together most of the time, but when Uncle Dave came home, good god, was she excited. She would sprint up and down the entire apartment bringing him toys, she'd stay with him in the kitchen while he cooked, she'd hump his arm whenever possible, etc. Basically, they bonded.

For all of the trouble Lu and I had together, we also cuddled like crazy. During her daytime naps, she was always by my side; during bedtime, she crawled under the covers in between my legs; during her evening naps, she was curled up in my arms. It was pretty damn cute.

All in all, though, she was a lot of work, but she was also cute and hilarious. And a humper.

EDIT: I originally posted the wrong video up there because that's just how careful I am with this blog. Here's the humping in all its frantic glory.

Oh, Lu. Anyway, all of this, my friends, means that we're one step closer to getting a pup of our own. Baby steps, that's how I roll.


Lovesfool said...

These photos made me laugh so hard. Also, I love that you are watching dexter in the background.

Shellbell said...

i am beyond in love with the picture of her peeking over the suitcase!

elle michelle said...

Suz: Yeah, I posted the wrong video. :-) It's updated now.

Shellbell: Doesn't she look ridiculous and cute?

Maris said...

She's going to be so humiliated over these when she's older :)

Oh, Hello... said...

as Alex would say, Lulu is giving that dog bed a little bit of what we humans call "slap and tickle"

elle michelle said...

Maris: Hey, what's an aunt for?

Dave: All that makes me think of is Jon Lovitz from A League of Their Own. "Pickle tickle," "slap and tickle" -- too similar.

Marie said...

So I about died from all the cuteness.

The picture of her peaking over? Priceless and adorable!

Ben said...

I feel your pain times two.

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