Monday, October 4, 2010

Life Lessons 3


  • When you're buying something online, put it in your shopping cart and leave it there for a few days. As long as you've signed up for an account, there's a good chance the company will send you a discount so you come back and complete the purchase -- like, 25%.

Fall nails!
  • Buy deep purple polish. It's awesome.

  • Do NOT cut corners when it comes to the pre-sewing process. For serious. I used to think I could blow through the measuring and cutting, and just really focus on the sewing part. No. Wrong. When you do that, you end up with drapes that look like trapezoids rather than rectangles.
  • Always have extra sewing-machine needles lying around for when you drunk-sew and break your supply.

Taxi love
  • Download Taxi Magic on your phone. It lets you book cabs, track them and charge them on your credit card. Plus it's free. (It does not, however, erase the stuffy cab pee smell.)

Salsa verde
  • Don't be scared of tomatillos. This. Salsa. Is. Badass. Also, don't skip the jalapeno. I don't even like spicy stuff, but it really misses the flavor when you leave it out.

  • Always, always, always keep a pen in your purse. I've walked by the ATM several times already and couldn't deposit checks from this summer because my pen keeps disappearing/was never there to begin with.

Accepting defeat
  • I used to whine about Comcast a while back, but ever since moving and getting AT&T, I've realized something very important: They both suck. In my case, AT&T sucks worse. Since switching to Comcast last week, our download speed is 4x faster and upload speed is 15x faster -- no joke. I'm sure AT&T will disappoint me eventually, so it's best to accept it and be happy that you've chosen one that just sucks less... for now.

  • If you're going to paint a light wall a darker color, you have to prime it with gray first. Or buy that Behr premium-ultra-best-paint-ever stuff. Oh, and if you're going to paint something maroon/dark red, don't freak out when the paint guy gives you a mix that looks magenta. It will darken. Supposedly.

All-around well-being
  • For the love of christ, stop watching Jersey Shore.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You need a pen to make a deposit? You don't need a pen to deposit at my bank. No envelopes. No nothing. Just feed that check into the ATM. It's magic!

Kate said...

But I cant. Stop. Watching!

Whiskeymarie said...

We painted our dining room dark red, and you're totally right about the magenta thing. I was seriously freaked out for a few hours while we waited for it to totally dry.

Ahhh...purple nail polish. I miss the days when I could paint my nails. Working in food pretty much means that those days are long gone for me.

And, if it makes you feel better, I've never seen Jersey Shore. I'm too cheap to get "fancy cable". I don't think I'm missing much.

terra said...

Comcast is the bain of my existence. We had Verizon Fios at our own apartment and while customer service was horrible, our cable and internet worked all the time.

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