Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just call me J.Lo

Thanks to Ang, I recently learned about Daily Candy's latest contest asking readers to submit a 50-word tidbit describing their perfect day.

DC promises to make the day happen AND give you a fancy-pants new cell phone on top of it. With such high stakes, I knew my lazy "plunk-me-at-the-pool-with-a-margarita-in-my-hand" idea wasn't going to turn any heads. So I decided to go the celebrity route and demand something I knew I could never do myself. I wrote:

"I'd pull a J.Lo and demand that my favorite Michigan Avenue stores close their doors to everyone except my small entourage so we can shop in tourist-free bliss. We'd then don new outfits and take a limo to dinner at vegetarian Green Zebra, followed by cocktails at swanky Violet Hour."

Snark? Check. Pretension? Check. Inebriation? Check. Not bad for a 50-word limit. Besides, you KNOW how much I hate tourists.

Who wants to be in my entourage?? Ang and J, I already figured both of you. ;-)


ANG* said...

of course i'm coming with when you win!

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