Monday, November 9, 2009

Laziness abounds

This was my day today:

8:30 -- Wake up and decide it's too early. Promptly fall back asleep.
9:30 -- Wake up and decide it's time to work. Put on a sweatshirt, but decline the pants.
10-12:30 -- Work diligently while slouched on the couch.
12:30-1 -- Eat lunch and flip on the TV for the fabulous daytime shows.
1-5 -- Work some more, less diligently since Desperate Housewives is on in the background.
5-5:30 -- Shower, because it's time to pretend I'm a functional adult.
5:30-5:45 -- Record invoice: $300 for one day's work? Yes, please.

I. Am. Spoiled.

Of course, not all days are like this. Tomorrow I'll be making a dreaded trip to the lady doc before returning home for more work. Last week, I only had a few projects, not multiple projects in one day like I've been having. Next week, I have no idea what I'll be working on. There's definitely an ebb and flow, and the uncertainly can be hard...

But for right now? It's working out.

However, it's also enabling my already-crippling laziness, which is BAD.

So, I feel like I really need to do something more productive with my days, since I'm not bathing until the evening and not putting on makeup, oh, at all. My bright idea is to venture back into the world of exercise.

Here are my options:
  • Buy an elliptical so I can mindlessly exercise while watching TV.
  • Buy a mat so I can do pilates on these hardwood floors without hurting myself.
  • Continue pretending that 10 years of gymnastics excuses me from all future exercise. (AKA, do nothing.)
Let's be honest. God only knows if I'll find the motivation to follow through on working out. But putting it out there like this is the first step.

Or something.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to move on to my jam-packed evening of heating up leftovers and catching up on TV.


Marie said...

I'm still trying to do this whole "working out" thing. So far I have not really succeeded. I'm thinking you'll be a lot more successful.

Brick Cedar said...

Don't buy anything. I find that almost all of my clients say they have mountains of shit at home and can constantly tell themselves "I will do it another day" and that appeases the laziness.

Is there a cheap gym near by? It has to be near so that when Chicago weather sets in you don't use "snow" or "wind" as an excuse.

I will look for something tomorrow while I am at work. I want to find a gym with a "Group Fitness" schedule. Yes, those classes where people workout...together!

You don't want friends, you want fuckers who will push you to do some crazy shit. It is addictive (And I do it for a living).

TKTC said...

I just got 15 months at Wicker Park Fitness for $399. $26-27 per month. It's .7 miles from your house although parking's not bad if you catch a snowy day.

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