Saturday, January 16, 2010

1 fun facial and many awkward moments

I went and got my first facial ever with Angie yesterday. After a bloody mary brunch, we popped over to the Aveda Institute to indulge in a little pampering. (Is there a better way to spend a Friday afternoon?)

Let me rephrase. I got pampered.

Ang got... awkwardly prodded, I would say.

After checking in, we waited for our facialists (?) to come get us. An adorable, tall, slender gay guy walked over to the waiting area.


Woo hoo! I smiled and followed him back to his area.

Ang patiently waited for her person. A cute, petite girl about our age walked up. Angie smiled.

The cute girl did not call Angie's name.

I imagine Angie scowled a bit as she waited some more. A large, white-trashy woman with red hair and no make-up waddled up.

"Angie?" she barked.


So, from the moment we got picked up by our facialists, we had very different experiences.

My guy: Discussed different facial options based on my skin type.
Ang's girl: Didn't.

My guy: Asked about my current skincare routine and made great recommendations.
Ang's girl: Obsessed over Angie's great skin in a creepy, I-want-to-wear-it kind of way.

My guy: Spoke in a soft, soothing voice.
Ang's girl: Spoke like a trucker shouting to a friend across the bar.

My guy: Gently took off my make-up before beginning.
Ang's girl: Was mesmerized by Ang's "purple eyeshadow." Except it wasn't eye shadow. It was the black eye she'd told this chick about 10 min ago.

My guy: Asked me if I was comfortable.
Ang's girl: Asked her if she "HEARD WHAT THAT TEACHER JUST SAID, HAHA."

My guy: Gave great foot, hand, arm, shoulder and neck massages.
Ang's girl: Kneaded her like a loaf of bread.

My guy: Had me fill out a comment card and quickly tossed it into a basket.
Ang's girl: Had her fill out a comment card and then read it.

My guy: Got a good tip.
Ang's girl: Didn't.

I begged Ang to post about the experience on her own blog so you can get the full effect. Trust me, I don't do it justice.

Anyway, this experience has me convinced that I need a facial every 5 weeks. I also just bought some fun stuff on Sephora, thanks to a gift card from my SIL. With all this and a little dedication, I'll be looking like a preteen in no time.

UPDATE: She posted!


Andy said...

OK, that was an excellent way to recap the experience. Poor Ang- she got Hannibal Trucker for a facialist... although I think you are right to question whether that's the right word for that job. Facialist sounds like girls who get money shots in porn.

Lovesfool said...

this is amazing!

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