Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm excited. He is confused. Who, cares, WE DID IT!

Looks like Jesus came through!

For the record, I am writing this as I come off yet another bloody mary buzz, so excuse the incoherence. I am also ridiculously excited, so there's that.

Today, I found Dave's fucking wedding ring.

After renting a metal detector, lurking in front of the neighbor's and staring at the ground every single time I walked the dog in daylight, I FINALLY FOUND IT.

Do you know why?

My mom and Jesus.

This is hilarious because my mom is a total Jew. Who is married to an atheist scientist. (Could I be any more like her?) But she was told by her best friend, a Catholic, to say two Our Fathers. So she did. Hey, St. Anthony has helped her find her own lost ring before, so she figured it couldn't hurt.

When I was on my walk today with Rocco, I was also on the phone with my mom. As we walked by the neighbor's, I looked down in the melting snow like I always do. But this time, I saw it. I saw the fucking ring. All because of her and her prayer.

I shouted a string of ecstatic expletives as I snatched that sucker up from the ground. Rocco and I practically ran back to the apartment and burst through the door with a sense of total accomplishment.

Dave was napping -- he rode to INDIANA this morning -- so we threw open the bedroom door and pounced on the bed. Rocco jacked Dave in the groin, so he was a wee bit cranky when we came in. Until I produced THE RING.

I put it on his hand and pranced out of the room to let him finish his nap.

I bet when he wakes up, he'll be all, "Where the hell did this ring come from?"


And my mom and Jesus.


TraciJ said...

AMAZING - Good for you guys! I felt really bad that the ring was lost in the snow, 'cause I know it would drive me insane...... =)

Fran said...

................and Mom's Catholic friend, heheheh! :)

elle michelle said...

TraciJ: I'm STILL excited and it's hours later.

Fran: Ahhhh, you're the best!!! My favorite Catholic ever.

TKTC said...

HELL YES! Jason and I did our own pounce-y dance in the kitchen when we heard. That is THE AWESOME. I love the visual of you and Rocco having mirrored amounts of bouncing excitement. He didn't even know what was happening. He was just pumped to get to jump on the bed.

Brick Cedar said...

AWESOME. Rocco owned Dave

Bayjb said...

Way to go finding the ring! That is awesome. You should buy a lottery ticket with that kind of luck

Whiskeymarie said...


That Kind of Girl said...

DUDE! Totally makes me want to give Jesus a high-five., or something less sacrilegious. So happy for you, though!

Anonymous said...


Andy said...

Glad Jesus finally is pulling his weight around here. Kidding. I didn't even know you could rent metal detectors. Did you take advantage and look for buried treasure after?

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