Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We shouldn't own nice things

Remember that time Dave lost his wedding ring in the snow? And then I found it? And squealed with delight?

Well, bring on the panic attacks because it's lost again.

This time, we're convinced it's somewhere in the apartment. Dave says he took it off at some point on Sunday evening and put it on the dining room table before walking the dog that night. On Monday, sans ring, we went to Home Depot, got a ton of paint and started painting the bedroom. This included moving all the furniture, sweeping and creating multiple trash bags. On Tuesday before work, Dave didn't see the ring in plain sight so we both went to work without worrying about it.

And now here we are. Wednesday. No ring.

The thing is, Dave's not the only guilty party in this whole I-lose-nice-stuff fiasco...

It also appears that I have, um, misplaced a diamond earring, part of the set he got me as a wedding gift.

So, this morning, I tore the bedroom apart looking for it -- nothing. I finally confessed to Dave that I couldn't find it. But my guilt was quickly replaced by panic when he confessed that he still couldn't find his wedding ring. We shifted into high-gear and started scouring the apartment for it... and, of course, turned up nothing. Could it have been swept into one of the trash bags from painting? Did Rocco get a hold of it? Will it ever show up again?

Start praying to St. Anthony, folks. He came through last time. Let's see if he can do it again.

UPDATE: He found it! It was buried in a bag. Perhaps it's time to get that thing insured, no?


The Constant Complainer said...

I had a scare once when I thought I lost my wedding ring. And I was at the point where I was going to rent a metal detector and use it in our yard. Luckily, we found it, but we got them appraised and took out an insurance policy on them very quickly afterwards. Good luck with your search.

Brick Cedar said...

Good luck

Rachel @ MWF Seeking BFF said...

Good luck indeed. I recently lost a pair of earrings that I loved that my husband bought me "just because." He doesn't do that all too often, and I certainly didn't want to discourage it so I did try and buy a new pair (they were far cheaper than diamond earrings) but they were out. So I had to tell him. I think one of us threw away the box, with the earrings in it, and given how nice and understanding he was, I think it was him.

Also, my husband finds it incredibly enjoyable to play with his wedding ring like he does with poker chips, flipping it between his fingers. Which of course means he drops it and it rolls around the floor.. in public places. It's just a matter of time before I'm writing this same blog post.

elle michelle said...

Complainer: Yep, we've done the metal detector thing before too! Makes you look especially creepy, doesn't it?

Brick: Thanks, darling.

Rachel: Nice to know I'm not alone! I'm not going to hear the end of this earring thing, and considering I'm married to a student who makes poverty-level wages, I basically just took a shit all over his income by losing something so expensive. Fail.

Abigail Marie said...

Ugh I've had the same problem. So far this week I've lost my ring TWICE! Strangely my "can't ever find anything husband" has been the one to find it both times. My only saving grace is that he also does the whole flipping his ring in his fingers thing in public places we're constantly searching for his too. We should of just bought our rings out of a gum ball machine because we're bound to lose them at some point.

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