Monday, September 22, 2008

Jet Lag: 1, Me: 0

Apparently, my body chose not to adjust to Central Standard Time this past weekend.

Saturday night, I got into bed around 12:30am and assumed I'd magically fall asleep, despite the 30 hours of travel across God-know-how-many timezones. I watched some TV and decided to give sleep a try around 2am. TV off. Room silent. Darkness all around.

But no.

At 3am, I started getting restless. Here is a list of things I was tempted to do at this hour:

-- Brave the bums and murders, go to Walgreens and buy some Sleep II
-- Bust open the fridge and drink beers until I pass out
-- Wake Dave so I could have someone to commiserate with
-- Crawl out of bed, onto my computer to catch up on Dlisted
-- Shower, since I still felt the stink of international travel
-- Clean my apartment (!)
-- Listen to the voicemails I have amassed
-- Play Mario on my DS, even though I suck and the frustration would prob keep me awake
-- Down some Nyquil and just suffer the loopy consequences in the AM

Instead of doing any of that, I managed to find the remote in the dark and turned on the TV in a feeble attempt to lull myself to sleep. During my fumbling, I accidentally give 3 green thumbs up to a show called Assy McGee when I tried to change the channel. Sigh.

Side note: There's apparently a school called Universal Technical Institute out there. UTI. Their slogan was "UTI's the answer." Not if you've ever had one, buddy. Not if you've ever had one.

Anyway, at 4am, I was simply neurotic. I could have SWORN I still had one last dose of Sleep II around the apartment somewhere, so I woke up and stormed around looking for it. I flung open drawers, rummaged through cabinets, tore through my suitcases... nothing.

About 15 minutes into this total breakdown, Dave came out of the bedroom wearing shoes and fully clothed. He grabbed his bike and mumbled, "I'm just gonna go to Walgreens and get you this shit because you'll make me miserable if you don't get it."

"NO, there are murderers out there!"

"I'd rather deal with them than you."

With that, he left and returned with the biggest bottle of Sleep II they had. I finally fell asleep around 5am.

In related news, keep an eye out for me on Intervention.


Bayjb said...

I hope you kick jet lags a** this week. You'll be back in the saddle soon enough.

**Melissa** said...

Welcome back! we missed you :-)

Anonymous said...

facing murderers? oh, that's love.

Jen Kraska said...

Haha ohhh Dave. Although if you can manage to be half as outrageous as the "huffer" intervention (the chick who huffed compressed air) you'd be a star!

ANG* said...

i cannot say how much i love that you suck at mario too! i've almost thrown that freaking DS so many times!

Marie said...

I usually clean when I can't sleep. Sick, I know.

Nilsa S. said...

Oh dear. Sounds awful. I swear, the inability to fall asleep has to be one of the worst punishments out there. And the more you want it the less likely it is to come. You have one helluva HUSBAND, though. Dave is a good man.

surviving myself said...

It would have been awesome if Dave woke up while you were pounding beers and playing Mario. He would've thought you were having a midlife crisis or something.

Jenn said...

"UTI's the answer."

Classic :)

Anonymous said...

Dave is a keeper!!

My boyfriend sleeps through anything...I swear I could hit him over the head with a brick and he would mumble "uh huh, love u too," before passing right back out. The crazy thing is, I'm totally serious. ;)

Aunt Becky said...

I get terrible insomnia when I'm pregnant, so I can relate. The things that I think are A Good Idea At 3AM are not so smart. Thankfully, I don't try and blog, because that would be SCARY.

Hope your Jet Leg abates soon. It sucks.

stealthnerd said...

Your hubby sounds like my BF. When I can't sleep, he knows he won't be able to either. He'll put on Friends (always knocks me out) or even goes on walks w/me--at midnight! Of course, this isn't when we're in the city--we're not crazy!

elle michelle said...

Bayjb: I'm already back into a decent sleep pattern... I think... I'd better knock on wood.

Melissa: Thanks!!

Pbandrazz: Right?!

JKrack: I saw that one!! That chick was INSANE. I'm not quite there yet, but maybe in good time.

Ang: We're pathetic.

Marie: At least you're productive, I say.

Nilsa: Totally the worst punishment ever. Dave is way too good to me.

Surviving: Hahaha, he would have been slightly disturbed, I think. Or worse, he wouldn't be...

Jenn: Stupid slogan, right? I mean, not one person in marketing thought, "Hey... wait..."?

HP: I wish I could be like your boyfriend. Being a light sleeper sucks.

Aunt Becky: Oh, I definitely want to read an insomnia-induced post.

Stealthnerd: That's so sweet!! Dave prefers to drug me than go on walks, but I'm pretty lazy myself so I think it works. :-)

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