Friday, September 5, 2008

Wanna see something hilarious?

Back when Dave and I got engaged, we created a page on

It's hilarious.

It's also has the wrong date, but WHATEVS. Details, right?

Since I don't feel like giving out our full names, I'll copy and paste the shit we had up there.

ABOUT [elle]
[elle] is an editor, a former gymnast, a smartass and a shopaholic. She does not like writing in the third person.


Dave was so excited after getting engaged, he got drunk and posted it on Facebook before we called anyone. There were some angry Facebookers because of that... Then he got even more excited and partially created this page, everything about the proposal.

We went to college together at [college], though Dave is a year older than me. We had theology together during his senior year, where Dave participated in class discussion and I showed up hungover in a baseball cap every week. We talked throughout the year, and I wanted to date him. I dropped subtle hints and acted flirty. Problem was, Dave didn't get it. I dropped less subtle hints. I finally had to corner him in a bar (literally) and make him ask me out. We started dating in 2004, moved in together in 2005, moved to Chicago together in 2006, and here we are for the next 4 years while Dave finishes his PhD in Chemistry from [awesome Chicago school].

January 19, 2007

Since [elle] had been waiting so long for me to ask her, I had to surprise her. Any attempt at a build-up would have been noticed from a mile away. So, I went home early from work and got everything ready. I got a bouquet of calla lilies and other white flowers, some champagne, and the ring. When she walked into the darkened apartment, the flowers and the ring were sitting on the counter, surrounded by candles. The rest, well, is history!

What Dave doesn't mention in his section of the proposal is how I told him I was coming home from work, but then didn't. I was finishing some shit in the office and neglected to tell him that after I signed offline, so he hung around in a dark apartment for about half a hour longer than he thought. Oopsie, Dave.

I truly did have to corner him in a bar to make him ask me out, though. Maybe I'll tell that whole story some other time.

Fun page, though, huh?

Sorry, I'm totally drunk right now.

(And WILL BE for the next two days, hopefully.)


TKTC said...

I genuinely hope that when I get married, he's THAT excited about it. Good omen.

Marie said...

LOL. Awesome page! Love the "about" section.

Gwen said...

You guys sound perfect for one another. And you both crack me up!

Aunt Becky said...

Drink up, sister. Drink up. In fact, have one for me!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous.

**Melissa** said...

Congratulations again! I did use The Knot too, I think I still have 34 things overdue and I got married 18 months ago... (I was never good at doing the check in an online list)

Have fun in Aussieland!

Andy said...

dude that's f'in hilarious. most couples make me mad. you make me smile. kudos

bex said...

from what i've gathered on your blog and other leading-up-to-the-Big-Day blogs, planning a wedding involves a lot of booze.

i like that.

Bayjb said...

I am in love with this Knot page. I love reading those but they're always so serious and honest. This is honest but funny! I love it and would read it multiple times. Congrats and have good drunken fun this weekend!

Phil said...

Hilarious indeed! That last part must have been like unsuspected suspense. More so for Dave than for you, I suppose.

Alexandreena said...

Love it! :)

jessica maria said...

I have a Knot page too! They're so weird. I read that you got married on Ang's page :) CONGRATS!!! (I'm heading for that next year!) - the wedding looked SPECTACULAR, and you looked gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That's freakin' awesome! Hope your wedding day was amazing and you had a wonderful time :)

BloodRedRoses said...

I love that he waited an extra half an hour in the dark... HILARIOUS.

Congrats! Have a drink (or a few, whatever) for me!

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