Monday, September 1, 2008

Creepiest search to date

Thought I was creepy?

This is one of the recent searches that led someone to me:

Really? REALLY?

I'd love to say something unbelievably obnoxious right now, but as a general rule, I try not to fuck with the crazies. Suffice to say that I am beyond disturbed.

How MESSED UP is that? Do you guys get searches this creepy?


Alexa said...

it was me, don't tell anyone.


Bayjb said...

Ha ha, yeah I would back away too. I love weird search terms people put in that route them to blogs. That's awesome.

Anonymous said...


Aunt Becky said...

Oh, I get worse ones. Like pedophile ones. I'll go ahead and spare you the grossest.

Marie said...

Um, ew. Haven't gotten something that sick just yet.

Phil said...

Whoah, crazy! The crazies spam I get involves spammers leaving comments about various forms of animal sex, and then what's more disturbing is that people have done google searches for "horsesex" and "dog sex" and have actually landed on my website as a result. It's a little unsettling. Okay, it's a lot unsettling.

elle michelle said...

Alexa: Should have known.

Bayjb: Yeah, I'm pretty sure keeping silent is the way to go on this one.

HP: Right??

Aunt Becky: Oh, wow. You definitely win. What is WRONG with people?

Marie: Give it time. Or, maybe you're just not writing creepy things like the rest of us. :-)

Phil: "Unsettling" is an understatement.

Shannon said...

Hello from a fellow Chicagoan... and yes, very creepy.

Anonymous said...

aah! I wrote about that great capital one aarmadillo commerical and I get tons of hits to my blog from people searching "capital one aarmadillo commericial"
lol! that one would creep me out though. keep an eye on that ip address

elle michelle said...

Shannon: Good to have another Chicagoan around. :-)

Amy: That happened to me when I wrote a rant on the chick from the Restasis commercial! Why anyone would search for that annoying wench is beyond me.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, that is kinda creepy..

Elle said...

Aaaah! I had this yesterday - someone got my blog through searching "demonic schizophrenia" which wigs me out slightly!! :s

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