Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family vacation time

I'm here right now:

Running away from these fuckers:

Hanging out with these fuckers:

And generally enjoying myself for the next two days.

See you (too) soon!


Allison M. said...

I hate those damn sand crabs.

Marie said...

[Insert jealousy here]

Sarah said...

that looks like my family vacation spot in south carolina. totally jealous!

Lovesfool said...

I'd say run away but I kinda want to grab drinks with you next week.

Brick Cedar said...

At least those crabs aren't an STD. On that note, stay away from Al.

Andy said...

Don't let the fuckers pinch the fuckers' fuckers, or nobody is going to get fucked.

So to speak.
P.S. I will wash out my mouth with soap after that, but will opt for a vanilla or flowery soap that might taste good.

karlie said...

I despise you! (And isn't that what every woman wants? For others to be jealous of them?)

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