Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes I just can't stop myself

Is it ironic that I was watching Obsessed when I decided to spend an hour combing through Zappos?

Before I knew it, I was receiving email confirmations for my purchases. I probably could have bought a small child for the same price. Frugality fail.


Rebekah J said...

Can't read the brand on the shoes and desperately want to look them up to see if they come in black.


Whiskeymarie said...

Well, last time I checked, the more moderately-priced babies were going for around $500.

I love love love slingbacks, and I need some neutral ones. And I haven't been to Zappos in a while...

(this is where my own frugality fail begins, I think.)

elle michelle said...

They're Cole Haan. Best part: they're the air slings, so they are going to be super comfortable. I've got 3 other Cole Haan Airs and they feel amazing! Worth the price.

A link, my dears:

(Rebekah, they DO come in black.)

Brick Cedar said...

Those shoes are hot.

Lilliana said...

Awesome design.!! Those shoes are absolutely stunning and simply gorgeous. I love the design and color.

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