Monday, July 13, 2009

Frame of reference, anyone?

News from ReadWriteWeb:
Teens Not Into Twitter

Matthew Robson, a 15-year-old intern at analyst firm Morgan Stanley recently helped compile a report about teenage media habits. Overnight, his findings have become a sensation...which goes to show that people are either obsessed with what "the kids" are into or there's a distinctive lack of research being done on this demographics' media use. Robson's report isn't even based on any sort of statistical analysis, just good ol' fashioned teenage honesty. And what was it that he said to cause all this attention? Only that teens aren't into traditional media (think TV, radio, newspapers) and yet they're eschewing some new media, too, including sites like Twitter.

So, just to make sure I understand this...

A non-Twittering teen reports that teens don't use Twitter, after he just kinda polled his friends.

That's like me polling my friends and declaring that 20-somethings don't go a day without drinking. And then Morgan Stanley publishes it. And then the media pounces on it and the TODAY show does a whole segment on alcohol abuse while Dr. Nancy lectures the viewers on liver damage and Meredith Viera stumbles around, sloshing her morning wine. (Love her.)

Or something like that.

Side note: No one could proofread this report before publishing it? "Most have signed up to the service but then just leave it as they release that they are not going to update it." Release, realize -- whatever. Teens have more important things to do than use words properly, like browse MySpace and illegally download the Jonas Brothers.


JayCee Leigh said...

I particularly love this post. . . and your sidenote is hilarious!

"browse MySpace and illegally download the Jonas bros" ---ha, laughing my ASS off over this!!

ALEX IN CAPS said...

This report is invalid because it uses the term "walkman" seriously. Rudimentary research shows this hasn't been done since 1996.

Shellbell said...

not sure if you've noticed: but in your last few posts (esp. about young people) you've SO become the grandma sitting on the porch drinking yelling at the kids on the street to SLOOOW DOWN. bitching about kids these days :)

Rebekah J said...

Aw Shellbell, it's not Elle's fault that those damn lying kids are what's wrong with the world today!

Shellbell said...

that's true. damn kids.

Andy said...

With that premise, teens don't have sex, cheat on tests or idolize Miley Cyrus. And we all know at least ONE of those is true.

elle michelle said...

JayCee Leigh: Yep, the truth can be pretty hilarious!

Al: hahahaha

Shellbell: Um, I haven't noticed and I don't care. Now turn down your music and GET OFF MY LAWN.

Rebekah: Ha, you're as crotchety as me.

Andy: Teens have sex? I don't know, didn't you hear about the girl who got pregnant from swimming in a public pool? The world is a scary place for fragile, innocent adolescents.

Phil said...

Don't forget all the sexting going on.

The Constant Complainer said...

Phil is right; every time I turn on the news, I heard more about s*xting. Great post. Ug, I'm getting old. I'm like the mother and father hen combined these days.

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