Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brand Tags. Too fun.

I found this in one of my media blogs and it has provided TOO much fun for a Tuesday afternoon:


On Brand Tags, you find out what people really think when they see your brand logo. Insightful, from a marketing perspective. Hilarious, from a procrastinating editor perspective. Here are some of my favorites:

Jim Beam
I quickly wrote "redneck." I didn't even think about it! How telling. I'm not the only one though -- several other people also associate that term with the brand, along with "hillbilly" and "white trash." (As a side note, not too many people can spell "whiskey" correctly... See previous sentence for explanation why.)

Taco Bell
I personally love the Bell. It's cheap and it doesn't fuck up my world like it does for some people. I actually didn't know how badly it messes with folks until I saw that "diarrhea" was one of the most common terms. Ew. I'll still eat it, though.

I wrote "assholes." While a bunch of people wrote "comcastic" (suck ups), others preferred terms such as "evil," "jerks," "liars," "shit," "slow" and "sucks." Sounds about right to me. And then I saw that a couple of people wrote "who?" Lucky bastards.

Interesting tidbits:

  • Not many people wrote "Britney Spears" for Cheetos. Am I the only one who is obsessed with the genius that is Dlisted?
  • Tons of people think NASA is "cool" and "awesome." Indeed, but is that really the FIRST thing you think of? Seriously, put down the Jim Beam and focus.
  • People don't seem to understand the difference between Bobbi Brown (cosmetics) and Bobby Brown (crack).
  • More people associate The Simpsons with FOX News than they do Bush.

I'm sure I'm missing some other fabulous stuff, but I wanted to leave some gems for you to find on your own. How else would you spend your Tuesday afternoon?


noah brier said...

good stuff michelle. love the bobbi brown/crack connection.

l.michelle said...

So YOU'RE the mind behind Brand Tags. :-) Thanks for providing some weekday entertainment and congrats on the success!

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