Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo Blogging: It was a FIESTA, not a shower

Tequila, wicked margaritas, shots with my grandma, sombreros, a pinata and presents. Sounds like a wedding shower to me!

Dave and I picking our margarita glasses.

Someone's excited.

Someone's drunk. (Not me.)

Look who it is, J!


Words of wisdom.

Klassy bride and groom hats from my wacky mother.

It's sombrero time.

It's tequila shot time!

Someone didn't want to be left out.

Oh, Grandma.

Would you believe she's almost 80?

Yes, we're very proud of her, folks.

She can't stop!

We can't stop laughing.

Drunkies cutting the cake.

Two of the biggest drinkers I know. Hiya Dad.

Looking rough at the morning-after brunch.

11am is the best time for a pinata.

Dave takes a swing.

Mom takes a swing.

Carrie takes a swing.

Dave bats...

...and this was the result.

Oh, heeey. Whatcha got there? That's weird. It doesn't look like liquor.

I love our family and friends. The wedding is going to be out of control.


TKTC said...

GAaaahhh!! My momma!! I see my momma!! Can't wait for Saturday:)

Anonymous said...

You guys are all so cute!

Anonymous said...

your grandma takes tequila shots and you had a pinata at your shower--well fiesta, perdon.

Pretty much you're awesome!


l.michelle said...

Aww, thanks you guys!!

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