Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily abortions, you say?

I don't have any particularly interesting to say right now, so here are some random links that I find during my research at work.

Another miss from the Bush Administration. According to this, I'm having daily abortions by popping the pill. Quick, look out behind you! It's a Bible Beater!

Are your childfree friends feeling left behind? Nope. We're too busy being drunk at happy hour and NOT elbow-deep in shit to worry about feeling "left behind," but thanks for checking in.

Solemates. But do they go with Charles David?

What's your neighborhood's Walk Score?
My neighborhood gets a 94/100 and earns the title of "Walkers' Paradise." But the suburban hood I left the second high school graduation came around? 15/100. The "car-dependent" label is an understatement.

Jessica Alba hates her name. And I hate Jessica Alba. (Thanks for reporting that hard news story, CNN.)

New dog announcements. Does this mean I should also register for leashes, bowls and a fake patch of grass so my new (future) pup can shit on my balcony? BUY ME PRESENTS.

Abstinence thongs. Because nothing says "No touchy" like flashing your ass cheeks.

Buy a bra for your butt. Does it come padded?

Linebreak fail. This is precisely why Ang and I are very careful when it comes to my copy fitting within her design parameters.

Remember that naked baby on Nirvana's Nevermind? He's all grown up. And not at all regretting the whole "naked on an album cover" thing.

Jewelry that hangs from your contact lens is creepy.

Will Smith is open to an open marriage. Sounds like someone needs to stop watching Swingtown.

Labrador runs for mayor of a town in Alabama. Is anyone really that surprised?


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