Saturday, July 26, 2008

Restasis, Roker and more randomness

I'm in a bit of a weird mood right now -- a mix of slight belligerence mixed with extreme exhaustion-- so here are some random musings that I would put on my Twitter account if I, in fact, Twittered.

1. I absolutely hate the way the actress on the Restasis commercial says the product name. It is the single most irritating word I've ever heard uttered on TV. I would rather listen to her say "herpes viral infection of the eye" for six straight hours than listen to her say "Restasis" one more time in that nonsensical twang.

2. The other day, Al Roker asked a 16-year-old girl if she was going to stick around for the next day's Miley Cyrus concert. The girl looked at him like WTF and shot her mother a look that said "fix this." The girl squeaked out a noncommittal response and Roker goes, "All right! If I can convince mom, right? Haha. PICK CITY OF THE DAY!" Al. Come on. Miley Cyrus only appeals to 7-year-olds. This tiny incident made me vow to never be that out of touch with anything that relates to my job. Or mindless celebrity gossip.

3. In the infamous words of Dave's best man, when you're on a website (any website), you're always just one letter away from porn. It's true. ellemichelleunedited could be pornographic in and of itself, no letter substitutions required. Be careful how you type, people.

4. My wedding is so close, it no longer exceeds the expiration date on the milk we buy. Freaky.

5. Even though I have friends from high school, college, work, the South, the Dirty South, the Midwest, the Northeast, all over... they can ALL fit into two simple categories: those who know what a Google Reader is and those who don't. (Guess who I'm closer to.)

That's all I've got right now. Dave's currently out at his bachelor party destroying his liver and his sense of dignity. Seeing as I literally passed out twice at the pool this morning and then ran around on a bunch of errands AND did pilates, I'm looking forward to staying in for the rest of the night, watching TV, maybe watching a movie and passing out before Saturday Night Live even comes on. Next weekend is my own bachelorette party, so let's pretend I'm saving up all my energy for that so this will seem less pathetic.


russellawalsh said...

the restasis women has freaky looking eyes!! They picked the wrong women to sell that product. She looks like the devil!!


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