Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who's creepy now?

The location: Work, yesterday
The time: Late afternoon
The scene: Since we're going to Australia on our honeymoon, Dave is planning his strategy for making sure I'm tired enough to pass out on the flight and *not* get bitchy from jet lag.

Dave: I think Tuesday we should be up as early as possible so we're tired for the flight.

Me: Right.

Dave: Which means I'm waking your ass up at, like, 7.
Dave: For a run.
Dave: And then lifting.


Dave: We're gonna get our swell on... together.
Dave: After this marriage, we're gonna be doing EVERYTHING together.

Me: Okay, settle down, spaz.

Dave: We're gonna be one unit.
Dave: Not two people.
Dave: One unit.

Me: Ha. Unit.

Dave: Oh, God.
Dave: Wow.

Me: That's what you get for being creepy.


Anonymous said...

Creepy man is gonna put roofies in your drink, you know that...

Anonymous said...

At least Dave feels safe enough to wake you up at 7am. My boyfriend knows not to attempt such a feat, unless he wants to loose a limb.

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