Thursday, December 18, 2008

Australia Honeymoon, Part 2

I kinda forgot that I started a string of honeymoon pictures, so here's more of Australia, in all it's beautiful, warm-weathered glory. Oh, god, how I miss that place right now. Effing Chicago.

On the ferry at 8am, since the time change made us wake up at 6.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

On our way to Manly Beach.

Manly! Such a cute little place.

More Manly.

Not many people laying out in 60 degrees.

Lunch at a pub on the water.

Liquid lunch, that is.

Then we got drunk and went grocery shopping. "We've done the MATHS for you" was hilarious.

Drunk ferry trip back to Sydney

Downtown Sydney

The next day, we had a day-long tour through the Blue Mountains, which was awesome. I took millions of pictures, but most of it was all about the trees, plants, vegetation. Really boring shit that starts looking the same. So I've spared you the redundancy.

Our first stop on the way through the Blue Mountains.


Look! Nature!

Next stop, Echo Point.

Those three rocks behind us? The Three Sisters. There's a legend behind this... Something about some three chicks pissing off a monster and then their witch doctor dad turned them into stone to save them. (Clearly, I paid attention really well.)

Three Sisters

WTF was this guy doing?? I could not contain my hysterics, at all.

Wandering through the mountains.

Very cool.

Okay, now THIS was the best part of the trip...

Mini 'roos!

Don't eat my face.

More kangaroos.

Bird of some sort. Looks fake, right?

Koala! I blinded this guy with my flash at first, but he seemed to bounce back.


This lazy bastard was kinda awesome.



Tasmanian Devil. She was a feisty bitch.



And that's when my camera died. Pretty cool, though. Next up, we hopped a flight to Port Douglas, farther north. Warm, beachy, incredible. There was snorkeling and drinking, though thankfully not at the same time.


Marie said...


I'm going to start using "Maths" from now on and see how that flies here.

Brick Cedar said...


Oh, Hello... said...

I miss that place. Badly

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Those are some great pics!

RebeccaC said...

So beautiful. I was there four years ago and really miss the lovely weather over there this time of year.

Did you love the flat white coffees?

erin said...

i love that kangaroo lounging Burt Reynolds style!

susan said...

Your pictures are amazing - I want to go so badly now!

Michelle said...

I live just below Port Douglas, paradise up here. The pics are very nice though :)

Ps my husband and I commented only yesterday at how much we love the per unit pricing thing they have just brought in - love it!

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