Sunday, December 28, 2008

My holiday travel, in a nutshell

Effing weather.

I knew this wasn't going to happen, but I decided to document the optimism anyway.

Right after I took this screenshot, they let us board. It looked like a fucking blizzard outside, but we were on the plane, we had de-iced and we we waiting our turn on the runway. We thought we were golden.

Until we realized that we had been waiting in line so long that our wings froze over again and we had to drive all the way back to the gate to get de-iced again. Of course, by the time we did THAT, the weather was worse and American decided to ground all flights.

We were so close!!

Instead, the made us get off the plane and wait around in the airport again.

Remember when we were on schedule?

They finally let us back on the plane and we went through the whole process again. Some people started clapping as soon as we got back in line on the runway, but one cranky bitch (who I loved) yelled at everyone and goes, "Oh, nuh uh! Not yet, folks. Let's wait and see if we actually get off the ground this time." We did.

Oh, holidays. It was great to be home and even better to enjoy some warm weather for a bit. I'll tell ya, I miss these little ones already:

Aw, my babies.

Anyway, I'm now back in Chicago, relaxing on the couch while Dave and my brother watch football. Yep, my bro decided at the last minute to take a trip here for New Year's. Clearly, I'll be taking a little more time off work than I'd planned. ;-)

Hope your holidays were wonderful as well!


LJ said...

awww The joys of flying in and out of O'Hare!

ANG* said...

okay what is this app and was it free?

also, your babies are beautiful! (duh)

Jenn said...

Traveling out of Chicago is a hassle any time of year, but it's significantly worse during the holidays. I'm so happy all of my family is right here.

I'm also curious what this app is.

Marie said...

Try making your family come to you next year. It could work.

Cute pups!

The Alleged Ringleader said...

You just NEVER know with Ohare! I've spent 3 hours on different occassions just sitting my ass on the runway!
Glad everything worked out!
Happy New Year!

elle michelle said...

LJ: Always!

Ang: I was wondering when you'd ask. :-) It's called FlightTrack and it was $4.99. We fly enough that it feels like it was worth it.

Jenn: Yeah, I'm wondering if we should even bother traveling this time of year. Of course, I said that last year too...

Marie: I like how you think.

Ringleader: Yeah, it's almost scary if you DO leave on time out of O'hare. Makes you wonder if something's wrong. Happy New Year to you too!

Ray said...

If you want to feel better, my holiday travel in a nut shell was sitting at Midway for 12 hours.

Your puppies are adorable.

Brick Cedar said...

O'Hare is scary. I was there Friday before Christmas (19th) and was stuck for way too long. O Chicago, why are you so crazy busy. I need to learn how to fly out of Midway.

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