Monday, December 29, 2008

More than you wanted to know

I meant to tell you guys, I love that most of you were considerate enough to let your readers know that you were going to go AWOL around the holidays. It's expected, of course, but you still gave us that courteous heads up.

Me? I simply disappeared. Sowwwrrrryyy.

And now that I'm back, I've gone through my reader and found that my dear Ang has specifically called me out and challenged me to name 25 random things (facts, habits, goals, whatever) about myself.

1. I almost never go without nail polish.

2. I became vegetarian at age 3 when I was told that hamburgers are cows.

3. I became less of a vegetarian at age 20 when I realized that if I didn't add chicken to my dorm food diet, I might actually die of malnutrition.

4. I have naturally wavy hair. I would call it curly, but that wrongly implies that it is capable of looking pretty. So I straighten it. Every day.

5. I have 3 tattoos. I don't think I'll be getting any more because that shit hurts.

6. I grew up with a mom who has scleroderma. I wasn't supposed to -- science said she had a 20% chance of survival past 5 years at the time of her diagnosis. That was 1993. As you know, that crazy hippie is still alive and kicking.

7. You wouldn't think it, but I cry pretty easily.

8. I get claustrophobic on the trains and the commute is the main reason I'm resistant toward moving to Wicker Park.

9. I am tone deaf.

10. I truly wonder if I ever want children...

11. My shower curtain, umbrella and wedding dress are all Nicole Miller. I fully admit that I have a problem.

12. I believe that EVERYONE who knows an addict should attend an open NA meeting. Even if you cry (see #7)... I honestly wonder if NarAnon could possibly be as eye-opening.

13. I'm a cooler -- if I gamble, not only will I lose, but if you're sitting near me, you'll lose too. Casinos should employ me to just wander around and sit near people who are making too much money.

14. I rarely wear jewelry.

15. I have an unhealthy crush on Paul Rudd and no one else. Uhhhh, except Dave, of course. (And it took me a re-read to realize how that sounded without the caveat.)

16. This past year, I turned down a job working for one of the richest woman in America (the queen of all media -- and no, I'm not talking about Perez Hilton). I now spend every waking moment WHY I did such a thing and wondering just how badly I burned that bridge.

17. I absolutely must get 8 hours of sleep or else I'm a nightmare to be around. Like, more than usual.

18. Sometimes I have a hard time answering my cell phone because I like to listen to my ring tones (which are mostly Flight of the Conchords).

19. I hate Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst, Kiera Knightly and Holly from The Girls Next Door.

20. My mom put condoms in my Christmas stocking this year. What is WRONG WITH HER?

21. When I got a glass of wine on the plane immediately after travel hell, I wasn't carded -- but the girl in front of me was. Am I starting to look haggard?

22. I almost always fall asleep with the TV on. It's often tuned to something that normal people don't fall asleep to, like The First 48 or another equally grotesque series that features dead bodies.

23. I really only clean my apartment when I know I'm having people over. Otherwise, it kinda looks like a trailer park war zone, peppered with decent furniture.

24. The only two times I've traveled out of the country, I went to Cancun and Australia. Frankly, that's a little embarrassing, but I've got to admit that I'm not dying to be a world traveler.

25. I've had the same glasses since 7th grade and I desperately need to update that look. Very, very desperately.

Okay, there ya go. I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but I would love to read some details from those of you who comment here quite a bit. Let's hear it!


Alexa said...

ok a lot of these made me laugh but especially the same glasses since 7th grade!?! hahaha.

i fall asleep with the tv on ALWAYS. also, how could you turn down an oprah job?

Rebekah said...

#20? Seriously? WHAAAAT?!

erin said...

the same glasses since 7th grade? really? if i wore the same glasses that i had back then, i don't think people would talk to me.

also hate kirsten dunst.

K. said...

hahahah # 20. your mom doesn't want you having kids, I guess!

& I can't stand jessica alba or holly either!

Marie said...

Hahhahaha #20 had me cracking up for a while!

I can't stand Kiera Knightly either! What's up with her eternal pout? So annoying.

Something about me..hmm...people who meet me for the first time always think I'm 23 or younger.

TKTC said...

I am WITH YOU on Kirsten Dunst. A little Jessica Alba too but not as fiercely. Kristen Dunst though- terrible actress and a bit annoying to boot.

elle michelle said...

Alexa: You will never, ever see a picture of me in my 7th grade glasses. And I turned that job down for many reasons, only one of which seems to still matter. Sigh.

Rebekah: I swear, I cannot make this stuff up.

Erin: Really. I wish I were lying. And the only reason people DO talk to me is because they haven't seen me in them.

K: Guess not!! She told me she'll take a grand-puppy, which is a REALLY big step for her.

Marie: My mom does weird things to amuse herself, what can I say. And, hey, aren't we at the age where it feels good to be mistaken for 23?

TKTC: I can always count on you to share my rage toward overrated, annoying actresses.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

OMG you turned down working for Oprah!!
I hate Jessica Alba too, yuck.

Audrey said...

To My Dear Fashion Diva,

In regards to #12, the person in your life who you are supporting through this difficult time will make it through! I have a friend who is an addict, alcohol and cocaine. He struggles with it daily, but has overcome it. The support of his friends and family members was key to his recovery and is still key in overcoming his urges each day. I applaud you for your interest in this persons recovery!!!!

RebeccaC said...

I too completely forgot to note that I'd be gone for a week. Don't feel so bad.

Totally love the Nicole Miller obsession (my wedding dress too)

Andy said...

A Nicole Miller umbrella? Really?

I can understand the Paul Rudd thing. He's rugged and funny. No, I don't have a crush on him.

My fun fact: I ate an entire bag of Muddy Buddies (Or Puppy Chow, whatever you call it- Chex plus peanut butter plus chocolate plus powdered sugar) in about 3 days this week. I am surprised I'm not violently shaking from the sugar rush.

Brick Cedar said...

I live by 23. In fact, I through parties or having people over frequently JUST so that I clean my damn apartment.

I have serious issues and need to move in with someone who actually doesn't have mental issues like me.

elle michelle said...

Ringleader: I did. Perhaps that was stupid, no?

Audrey: She will. It will be tough for her, but she'll make it.

Rebecca: You and I with our Nicole Millers :-)

Andy: We'll keep an eye on you to see if the effects are simply delayed...

miss clover said...

i would die if my mother gave me prophylactics. i guess your mom doesn't want grandkids yet?

and i am mostly commenting because i can't stand kirsten dunst and keira knightley. like abnormally i hate them. and i do not get how they ever got cast in anything (except the vampire movie kirsten did as a kid. that was okay.)

anyway, your list amused me. happy 2009!

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