Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Australia, Part 1

It occurred to me recently that I never posted pictures from my honeymoon. We went to Australia for two weeks -- spending half our time in Sydney and half in Port Douglas.

Since hearing about Jørn Utzon's passing, I figured now was as good a time as any to show you a few shots of Sydney and the Opera House...

Oh, also, after the ridiculously grueling flight from LA to Sydney -- well, grueling for Dave; I took some sleeping pills and felt pretty good -- we immediately dropped off our things and went straight to our Opera House tour. So there aren't many pictures of us, being that we looked like death.

Very first view of the Opera House.

I couldn't get enough pictures of it, honestly.

Oh, heeeyyy.

Do we look exhausted?

Inside the Opera house.

Unbelievably gorgeous.

So much more than just opera happening here.



I highly recommend this tour, by the way.

So open and bright.

Many levels.

And lots of stairs.

Two sections.

Again, SO beautiful.

More of the architecture.

Not sure WHAT this schitzoid what doing, but I wanted a picture of it.

RIP, Jørn. Guy designed the Opera House and never actually saw the finished structure in person himself. Sad.


surviving myself said...

Jorn reminds me of myself, in that one time I started building this sweet Lego pirate ship, but my Mom called me upstairs to eat lunch. Well, when I returned, my brother had smashed it to pieces, even though he said it looked awesome once he finished it without me.

It's the same thing really.

Rachel said...

pictures = beautiful

me = jealous

Marie said...

Lovely pictures! And what the hell was that guy doing?

Andy said...

This reminds me what I wanted to tell you- I think awhile ago I commented on how awesome your photos are (I might have even asked what kind of camera you're getting). Well for Christmas this year, I'm getting a sweet Nikon DSLR, so maybe I'll finally be able to post the same quality. You know, instead of using my camera phone.

So@24 said...

Damn that last part is incredibly sad.

elle michelle said...

Surviving Myself: Oh, totally. In what world DOESN'T Lego pirate ship = Sydney Opera House? Not a world I'd want to live in, that's for sure.

Rachel: You = too kind.

Marie: I have NO idea. This probably is same the type of person who cradles his houseplants and has in-depth conversations with his cereal. STEER CLEAR.

Andy: Dude, I shot those pictures on my Canon point and shoot. Dave is probably getting a sweet Nikon for Christmas too. I am jealous of you both.

So@24: I know, I'm such a buzz kill, huh?

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