Monday, December 20, 2010

Best birthday ever

Today is my birthday, which means that this past weekend was my birthday celebration. I took no pictures whatsoever, so use your imagination -- just picture lots of wine bottles, laughter and some incredible friends.

Oh, and an incredible husband.

Exhibit A:

Gorgeous green Lanvin ballet flats. Does he know me or what?

Moments after I opened this gift at my birthday dinner, J whipped out her camera as another box was plopped in front of me. There's more?

Exhibit B:

Happy Birthday Lisa from ToKissTheCook on Vimeo.


I may have cried a little.

Let it be known that I have worn both pairs of shoes around the house while cleaning and I'm still on cloud nine from the weekend's events. Many, many thanks to Dave and J for their secret shopping excursion and many more thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate.

Happy Monday, folks.


Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! Happy BD!!

Sara said...

What a great surprise and great gift! So which ones are they? I can't tell in the video

elle michelle said...

Hannah: Thanks! SO lucky.

Sara: Good question. They're black patent heels that I can actually walk in, so they can't be too fierce.

Janiece said...

happy birthday!!! love the video! dave has made millions of wives around the world jealous

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Happy belated birthday! What an awesome gift and perfect surprise!

terra said...

Lucky you!! Happy belated birthday!

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