Sunday, October 26, 2008

The fun part of moving

This weekend, Dave and I packed up our massive apartment and moved our belongings into a smaller apartment. Big fun. And by that, I mean that I may be having panic attacks about fitting everything into our new home.

But whatever. The ACTUAL fun part about moving came when Ang and Suzanne came over earlier in the week for a packing party. Sure, there were boxes, struggles with moving tape and heavy lifting, but there was also a decent amount of wine...

We started with the kitchen.

Look at them go! I, on the other hand, chose to take pictures and drink.

Zannie called Dave a "mug maniac" because he has so many coffee mugs.

Ugh, so much to move.

Zannie was showing us how she writes the percent sign backwards. Result: This box is 150% fragile.

Dave was less than amused to find out we used more than half our boxes to pack up a third of the kitchen.

Most genius packing tip ever -- gather all your clothes on hangers and put them in garbage bags, then just toss them up in your new closet and remove the bags.

Okay, time to start bringing a few things over to the new place.

Loading up Suzanne's car.


In our slight stupor, we decided it was of the utmost importance to bring this little coat rack to the new apartment immediately.

We're heeeerrrreee. First things first: champagne.

We had Ang stay upstairs while we unloaded a few things, so she decorated the fridge.
Ang stands on Zannie's back to help fix it after lifting those boxes!
Mini-move completed. Time to order pizza.

Waiting for food, finishing drinks.

And that's where the photos stop because I soon became distracted by the deep dish and fried deliciousness of Lou Malnatis.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRLS!!! You were such a big help!

While the official move on Saturday went relatively well, Dave and I are now in the stages of unpacking, so expect me to be in another craptastic mood this week. Though, it might not be so bad because I just switched back to my normal birth control, which doesn't have those extra hormones pumping into me... Sure, it costs a shit-ton more but after dealing with me this past month, Dave said he would "pay anything" to get me back on the low-dose stuff. Let's see how it goes!


Rebekah said...

Okay, the hanger trick with the garbage bags is REAL!!! But you tie the tops of all the hangers together with the bag ties and nothing falls. I did this today while helping E move (EVERYONE and their dog is moving this weekend) and he thought I was an effing genius.

I may have told him that I made it up all on my own.

TKTC said...

Umm I'm still sad that my office-restrained self couldn't get in on this. But LOOK AT YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW ISLAND!!!!

Marie said...

So the secret to moving I take is to make your friends help. And alcohol.

Good tips!

Anonymous said...

I love that everyone else appears to be doing the hard labor while you sip wine. Sounds a lot like my moving strategy. I'm pretty sure I'm planning to be drunk the entire trip home while Boyfriend drives the 2000 miles back to Minnesota. I'm a big helper like that.

(P.S. Looks like you have a kick ass view, of which I am quite jealous.)

Aunt Becky said...

I'm having flashbacks, dude. I hate moving so much I'll probably never do it again. Like, if my husband sells the house, I'll have to be pried out of it with crowbars.

elle michelle said...

Rebekah: Yes, I thought Ang was an effing genius when she showed me this incredible trick! Go ahead and take credit, though. E won't know the difference.

TKTC: I knew you'd love the island. Feel free to come over and use this kitchen ANY TIME. As always, I will supply the wine. And perhaps sloppy entertainment.

Marie: Yes, those are the keys to LIFE. :-)

HP: Our view does rock. The place may be smaller, but we have an incredible view of the lake and Hancock Tower. Once our shit is unpacked, I'm sure I'll be happier with this place!

Aunt Becky: That's how I feel right now. There is little worse than moving to a smaller apartment during Chicago's winter... Never. Again.

Jenn said...

Wait. There's a fun part of moving? Why wasn't I informed of this and where was my packing party?!

Next time I'm so bribing people with wine and pizza. That'll make my move go much smoother.

Maxie said...

You guys had way more fun moving than I ever have!

Andy said...

Dude that was a nice way to show the pains of moving... plus, you had excellent writing on the box- "shit above the fridge,' for instance.

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