Friday, October 10, 2008

New apartment

Well, we finally found a new apartment. I say "finally," but, really, I know it only took about a week. I could go into all the details about how we found it and blah, blah, blah but I don't care and I don't think you do either. I've moved on to my next big project: decorating.

You see, our new apartment is doing a special where they paint accent walls for you for free.

Of course, we're only talking about 825 sq ft here, so everything has to coordinate well and flow, lest we have a funhouse-esque, circus feel. SO not chic.

I'm really into earthy tones, so after a few hours of deliberating and talking to myself, here's what I think I'd like to do:

The furniture and accessories are the items I already have (minus the shower curtain that pulls it all together), so at least I've got a decent color palette going, I think.

The walls in our new place are white, so I didn't want to do a super bold color in the living room because I'm a wimp like that and also because we might change our furniture someday soon.

I dunno, guys, I'm so insecure about home decorating. I love putting together outfits but something about painting walls terrifies me. I second-guess myself constantly with this shit, which is why most of my apartments have all resembled a stark insane asylum. I need your opinions, Internet!

Oh, and I have big windows with lots of natural light (and RIDICULOUS views of the lake, since I'm on the 51st floor), if that makes a difference.

So, suggestions? Massive bouts of praise? Fun accent items you'd like to buy me? Let's hear it.


LJ said...

I'm in the same stage as you with decorating! Start looking for inspiration everywhere you go, restaurants, stores,etc. Look at the lighting and colors they put together. Apartment therapy is a good site to get ideas to! :)

Dan said...

Curtain is kinda loud but if you go with it, get a nice carpet to match. It sounds cliché but the curtains do need to match the carpet in small areas.

Accent walls with same family tones make people oogle.

Earth tones are so 2008-2010, stick with it. Remember if a color is to dark for a wall, make it the carpet or vice versus.

Place your mirrors in hot places.

Be careful with your browns and blacks or gay people across chicago will hiss at you as you walk the streets.

I have faith in you. your my friend after all, and I don't know shitty people.

Dan said...

For got to say, think of the apt as a giant outfit, unfortunately, this outfit is one "someone" has to wear daily and can't go out of style...for a couple years.

Dan said...

big furniture is the outfit, desks, tables, lamps, curtains are accessories.

elle michelle said...

LJ: LOVE Apartment Therapy! I have been stalking it quite a bit lately.

Dan: I knew you'd come through. :-) That curtain is only a shower curtain, so don't worry. It's just a nice, tucked-away accent. My place comes with blinds, but I will take a look at curtains once my money tree grows. Also, want to come in town to help me decorate???

Bayjb said...

Wow that is really nice that the apartment will paint an accent wall. I've never heard of them doing that. I might need to ask you some apartment hunting questions soon too. I would go for a lighter accent wall like blue or green so that the place feels cooler and not small. But that's me.

Jenny said...

I definitely second the Apartment Therapy thing. They have that contest every year for best use of a small space, so check out the past winners for ideas!

Rebekah said...

Want. That. Curtain.

I'd buy 2 and use them in my living room. Did that in an apartment once (it had very long windows) and got SO many compliments.

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