Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vlog this

I know YESTERDAY was vlog day, but this video was made at 11pm last night, so I was technically on time... Except right after it was made, Dave slammed my hand in between the desk and his chair, I threw a tantrum and went to bed without uploading. And then it wouldn't upload until tonight, sooo, that's what it's late. I know, we're lame like that. Sorry.

Please watch this if and only if you want to see me cranky, tired (and thus sniffling a lot), coming off a buzz and rolling my eyes once every 20 seconds.

Oh, and we look like SHIT. So, just to remind you how nicely we clean up, here's another wedding picture. I like to imagine we look more like this on a regular basis than the trainwreck looks that we're sporting in the video.

And now, for the main event. Gaaahh, I hate watching myself. I don't think I'll do any more of these.


Alexa said...

i like you guys when you look like "shit". is that a nose ring?!?

btw, can you guys get any cuter?

ananyah said...

hahaha cute vblog even if you are drunk *cough* tired!

love your blog btw & congrats on your wedding!

Found you ranting on twitter :D

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I like how Dave called you by your real name approximately 19 times before he remembered that he wasn't supposed to do that, hahahaa. This is the second vlog I've seen today in which someone "outs" themselves on a name they previously only initialed!

Brick Cedar said...

I FUCKING L-O-V-E LISA AND DAVE. Period. No comments are better than this one.

The BAMF said...

Can I just agree with "brick cedar"?

Lisa, tell Dave HE did a great vlog. Hahaha. Your facial expressions were, however, priceless. I think someone de-runk,

You guys rock.

-John (Oh shit, I used my name too)

TKTC said...

You two are hilarious. You're perched on Dave like an extra sarcastic vetriloquist act. It's a little amazing actually, I love it.

More than anything, I wish I wasn't working till all hours and actually could have come over to get you for real drunk.

hautepocket said...

It's obvious Dave loves you more than you love him. Ok kidding, but you two are adorable. Stop being so effing cute, you're making me look bad!

Marie said...

You two are adorable! Cheesy comment, I know, but you are!

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Aww you guys are so cute!

elle michelle said...

Alexa: Nose ring on me, no. On Dave, yes. He got it when we first met and I invited myself with him to go get it, even though I can't watch that shit.

Ananyah: Thanks! And welcome :-)

Overcoat: Glad we're not the only idiots outing ourselves.

Brick Cedar: AGREED.

BAMF: Just doing what I do best (scowling) and letting Dave do what he does best (articulating himself). He wins.

TKTC: Yes, we missed you during the packing! Now we're in the midst of unpacking, which is WAY worse... Come over for wine anytime and relieve me from this hell.

HP: Just walk around with a crap attitude but remember to smile a lot. And get an accepting husband. Voila! Instant cute.

Marie: Not cheesy at all! Feeds appropriately enough into my ego. ;-)

Ringleader: Thanks!!

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