Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rosh Ha-Who?

As a half Jew, I'm half offended.

Link (Defamer, but Zannie found it.)


Lauren said...

I'm 50% Jewish as well, but i'm 100% laughing.

Marie said...

I'm sorry, but that's just too funny. You seriously can't make that stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Marie is right, you can't make this crap up! People still amaze me sometimes how stupid they can be.

MAR said...

Came across your blog and then spent entirely too long reading way too many of your posts. You're hilarious and your writing is impeccable. Thanks for the entertainment :)

surviving myself said...

Rosh is always fucking stuff up.

elle michelle said...

Lauren: You're awesome.

Marie: I know, I really WISH we didn't live in a country where people were truly that ignorant.

Curly Sue: Completely amazed. In the worse sense of the word.

Mar: Thank YOU!!

Surviving Myself: Right? That jackass should have been fired centuries ago. I'm totally gonna start sending him passive aggressive email forwards.

Rachel Eden said...

Hahah I hope that girl got fired.

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