Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm so uplifting, I can't stand it

I started a new blog about recovery:

Why? As I eloquently state in my first post's opening paragraph:

Because I don't want my regular blog to turn into the Watch Elle Get Really Deep And Occasionally Bitch About NA, Recovery And Drug Use, I decided to start a separate blog devoted to that topic. Yep, it's gonna be a real spot of sunshine over here.

After I started it, I realized that Dave might want a place to vent as well, so I made him an author on it too. Pretty sure you'll mostly end up hearing more from me, but maybe he'll grace us with with presence. ;-)


Brick Cedar said...

Hm, this is a lot more serious than I had imagined. I thought with Culinary school and good people surrounding her, life would turn for the better.

Alas, I was really wrong.

Marie said...

Always a good thing to have a place to express what you think/feel. You never know, this could be helpful to others as well.

Audrey said...

Your support will inspire her to find her way.
As having been in love with a former cocain addict, your loved one knowing you will ALWAYS be there, matters most.

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