Monday, January 19, 2009

The significance of today

Today might be MLK Day (not that we get off work for that around here, which I'm still not totally convinced is legal), but, as my mother reminded me yesterday, it's something else too.

Mom: You have an anniversary tomorrow, you know.

Me: I do?

Mom: Yes. Do you know what it is?

Mental check: I was married in September so there's no way this is a wedding anniversary. Phew.

Me: Ma, I really hate these games. It's always a trap.

Mom: No trap.

For some reason, I ignored the "anniversary" part and instead just started running through a checklist of random holidays or events.

Me: Tomorrow, let's see... MLK Day? Nah, that wouldn't make sense for you to bring up. Your birthday's coming up but that's not until February. Oh, the dog's birthday! No, wait, that's January 23. What is tomorrow? The 19th?

Mom: Seriously?

Me: January 19th...? Ohhhhhhhh. Right.

Two years ago today, Dave proposed.

Happy engagement anniversary to us, even though we probably forgot about it last year too. Pseudo-anniversary fail!


Marie said...

Happy engagement anniversary!

Just celebrate it every two years from now on. ;)

rachel elizabeth said...

aw!! happy anniversary! i'm so bad at remembering these sorts of things too, lucky for me... my mother hates me, so she'd never remember to tell me. haha.

Brick Cedar said...

Can I talk about sex in my comment so I make your brother uncomfortable?

Audrey said...

Already!? Its been two years already! Congrats.

kat said...

Wow, I played your role in a near-exact replica of that conversation back on our engagement anniversary (January 8th).

Only slightly more awkward since the role of the reminding person was being played by my husband. (Wife fail!)

Andy said...

I love that she had to remind you. Anyway, happy anniversary.

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