Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Honeymoon, Part 3

Almost forgot about this! Here are parts 1 and 2.

Arriving at our room in Port Douglas.

View from our little balcony

First things first: go swimming

Then: snorkel the Great Barrier Reef!


They gave us noodles so we could just float and relax.

Dave looked hilarious but quickly ditched his noodle because HE'S A MAN.

I snorkeled at two of the stops, but sunbathed during one of them.

A little overcast, but still awesome

Dave lost his underwater camera at the bottom of the reef almost instantly, so here are my pics.

I don't know what half this shit is.

The biggest fish I'd ever seen. He was as big as me!!




Dave accidentally locked our wedding bands in the safe and couldn't open it.

Beach by our resort

How badly do you want to be there right now?

Ahhh, a day at the beach.

Now that I've thoroughly depressed myself and the rest of you who are freezing your asses off this winter, it's time to get back to the real world. Those are the last of the honeymoon pics, so I'm officially out of ways to make you jealous.


chevelin said...

Yeah there's been lots of news articles explaining why people live in less-than-temperate climates like Chicago...but I'm beginning to feel like it's BS. More often than not I'd rather be serving margs to tourists than trudging around a frozen city in a sweater.

Marie said...

I see what warm looks like, but what does it feel like again? *sigh*

Awesome pics by the way!

Classy Stiletto said...

You succeeded in making me jealous! We have inches of ice/icy rain here. I would give a lot to be by that ocean right about now.. Beautiful pictures!

Shellbell said...

ugh. you have made me sufficiently depressed. Thanks!

Lori said...

I was in Port Douglas in November....loved it! I won a work trip to Sydney and took one of my good friends. We were joking that it was like we were on a honeymoon (minus the sex).

Yeah Australia!

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