Saturday, August 9, 2008

Photo Blogging: Bachelorette Party

As promised, here are pics from the bachelorette party.

Not sure what's going on that hand, but my other has a drink, so it's cool.

It looks broken, but I think it's just THAT complicated.


But, wha... I mean, how...?

Seriously, wtf.

My SILs, in a state of competence.

Hey, did anyone forget a dildo?

My coffee table. Sex toys, wine and watermelon. Sounds about right.

Someone needs a smoke after all that.

On to dinner!

Hmm, what to order?

Patiently awaiting my order...

Wa hoo! Who needs food?

Just kidding. I definitely need food.


The gals.

Bring on the Latin dancers!

And the one Latin clapper...

Dance party: This is what we thought we looked like, all soft and cool.

This is what we really looked like.

Posing with the Latin dancer (fuck the clapper).

SILs, in a less-than-competent state.

More pointing. It's better than clapping.

...But not better than DANCING.

The walk home, attempting it on their own.

Getting a little more assistance. Walking is hard.


If any of that didn't make sense to you, go back and read the bachelorette party recap. It will all come together.


Anonymous said...

My vibrator broke the other day. You've inspired me to not only go get a new one, but to take it out for dinner, drinks and dancing afterward.

Stephanie said...

Wow, that's a lot of sex toys. You're going to be one busy girl.

bex said...

SUSHI SAMBA!! i've only been to the one in manhattan, but i love the shit out of that place.

Sophia said...

so fun!! i'm going to a bachelorette on Thursday, can't wait! ...then a brunch, a rehearsal dinner, and a wedding. bring on the champagne...

Lyla Lou said...

New reader here....looks like you had a great time! Just had to it just me or does that first photo of the latin dancer almost look like her dress had falen down and her um...boobs are hanging out? lol, I realize it isn't but it almost looked like it!

Anonymous said...

Aww you're making me miss my friends. Looks like you ladies had a great time at your party! Congrats on the engagement!

Alexandreena said...

That looks like a great party!

"Sex toys, wine and watermelon" -yep, that's most of my Saturday nights.


I'm a guy and I even know that The Rabbit is the "be all/end all" dildo choice of women.

Now why can't I ever get an invite to one of these girly sex toy parties? Damn it!

Layne Adams said...

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