Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twitter makes me feel stupid

Ang just signed up for Twitter today, which means that she harassed me to sign up as well. So I did. And now we both feel much more idiotic than we did when our day started.

We have been learning about Twittering, Twinkles, Twhirls and all sorts of twi-related stuff. We're like lost little puppies being taught to shit outside for the first time. Not the most elegant analogy, I know, but the confusion, awkwardness and language barrier remain the same.

I've also already been asked if my image is a bottle of wine an some underwear. (Thanks, Zannie.) Should make for some interesting followers, no?

Let's see where this ends up...

on twitter: elle_michelle


ANG* said...

1) i think you just boosted my technorati (or something ;)

2) i love that i have my own tag

3) tweet, twinkle, tweet tweet, twit, twirl, tweet.

4) we are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, i feel pretty stupid too. the last thing i needed to do was join twitter but the peer pressure got to me also.

d said...

yesterday we invented "twirting" - twitter flirting.

spread the word.

Nilsa S. said...

I just did the Facebook thing. I think I'm a long way off from Twats. Which is funny, because a guy I went to high school with is a big wig at Twitter now. You'd think I'd support his endeavors.

BTW, I made an appointment with Renee for next week. Excited to see the results!

ANG* said...

twats. ha.

TKTC said...

Ang- I'm going to laugh my ass off when you're Technorati gets to be above 50 and I have to start hitting you up for client coverage.

D- No offense darling, but I just don't see "twirting" taking off.

Elle- You know that D (above) is the one with the viszla puppy you keephaving hysterics about, right?

I love Twitter. But I don't do anything complicated!

elle michelle said...

HP: Good to know I'm not the only one. Well, that ANG and I aren't the only ones, I should say. (She's not a good barometer.)

D: I accused so@24 of twirting with me and I believe I frightened him.

Nilsa: You make me giggle. Love it.

TKTC: Of COURSE I know D is the one with the pup. What kind of stalker do you take me for? ;-)

Ang: I will see you tomorrow!

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