Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gotta have priorities

Another conversation between Dave and I.

The location: At work (Dave in Hyde Park and me in River North)
The time: Early afternoon
The scene: We're running through our plans this weekend, which inevitably include some sort of wedding something or other.

Dave: Nothing going on this weekend, right?

Me: Nope.

Dave: Can we keep it that way?

Me: Sure.

Dave: Okay. I think we'll stop by this travel store over the weekend so we can figure out this adapter shit for Australia.

He knows that if I can't plug in my flat iron, there will be Hell To Pay.

Me: Gotta get a marriage license one of these days too.

Dave: That's right. I'm gonna look into that right now.

Me: (busy Twittering)

Dave: Hey, can we go on Saturday? It's open 9am to noon.

Me: See if it will be raining. I'll go if the weather isn't good for laying out.

Dave: Elle. Come on.

Me: What? Tanning is very important for the wedding, Dave.

At this point, I picture him rolling his eyes, letting out a defeated sigh and wondering what those cougars are up to at Elm St.

Dave: We have scattered storms on Saturday.

Me: That is acceptable.

Dave: Anyway, if we go at 9, we can probably be back by 10 and you can still get a seat.

Me: I don't know. You know how those dickheads have been saving chairs lately.

Dave: Well, it looks like it will be a cloudy weekend anyway.

Me: Then we can get the marriage license.

Dave: So, what, we just wouldn't get it if the next few weeks were sunny?

Me: Correct. I would take off work in the morning instead.
Me: No need to waste a weekend.


Anonymous said...

I find your logic to be flawless.

maris said...

LOL! I agree - you'll eventually get the license anyway but there's no guarantee for tanning weather once september rolls around!

Nilsa S. said...

Fucking hilarious! And does this mean we can get marriage licenses Saturday mornings? Because I was worried about having to take off from work. Might need some details from you on that one. :-)

Charo said...

Good words.

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